we are 2 wins 3 losses, lets not panic yet

Ottawa is 3-2 and were 2-3 and Toronto and Montreal are 1-5 and were all panicking that were not even going to make the playoffs. Are we serious??

First of all, if we do beat Ottawa at home tomorrow which I think we can beat them but it will be close we will be 3-3, two wins up from Montreal and Toronto and tied for 1st place with Ottawa.

We will be tied with Ottawa, we will face Montreal the following week and they honestly don't have any receivers for Manziel to throw to even if Manziel does get the next game which I hardly doubt it with how much limited playbook he will know. Did you see the game with Montreal and Edmonton. Vernon Adams threw right to a lot of the receivers and they couldn't catch the ball for the life of them. Running back Sutton played well but not there receivers. I don't even know if Manziel would do any better. Like I mean, how accurate did you want Vernon Adams to be?? The receivers had it right in front of them and couldnt catch. It was a frustrating game to watch.

I'm sorry guys but Manziel is not Montreals Lord and Saviour and I honestly dont believe they have enough talent to do it this season.

I don't think anyone is panicking but we're sure not the strong team we want. With a mediocre QB and so-so play on all sides of the ball there's not really a lot if optimism to go around!

Completely agreed, we should not compare ourselves to the lowest teams but aspire to be a top team.
Montreal may not be a strong team, but they did beat Riders who thumped us TWICE - this is just fact, for the apologists on the site.
If we win today, which I think we will - all will be great - the game against Montreal will be a trap game - hopefully we would have learned from the last trap game.

We Tiger-Cat fans have really changed.

We've gone from demanding and expecting a winning, hard-nosed football, to settling for being better than two divisional opponents.

Don't aim high.

I do aim high but I'm keeping it all in perspective and know that it's too early to panic about the season just yet because of the other teams standings also. You can also continually win like Calgary does many years but fall apart in the playoffs. Last time I checked it was that mediocre team Toronto who won the Grey cup...the same team whose 1-5 right now...who'd knew? Lmao

Don't aim high ? In a 4 team division how high can you aim ? Being better than two divisional opponents translates automatically into a play-off spot . No guarantees with the crossover if you finish 3rd .

I guess then the way you look at it finishing in 1rst or 2nd in the division isn't good enough ? The last time I looked if you can finish at the very least in 2nd place then you're guaranteed a play-off spot with a home game to boot . Would you rather be Toronto or Montreal instead going nowhere spinning their wheels stuck in neutral each at 1-5 ? When we win today we'll have a 2 game lead on both these scrubs a third of the way through the season . Both those teams are absolute dumpster fires right now and I honestly can't see either of them improving that much for us to worry about them .

The dumster just might be getting bigger...

What happened to the team that beat Edmonton and Winnipeg earier in the season?
Was that just us catching the opponent off guard?

We had a great run game. Out receivers caught passes that hit them in the hands. We had an accurate passer. The O-line was pretty good. There was a good mix of running and passing plays. The Offence won the time-of-possession. Luke Tasker played. Mercer Timmis and Sean Thomas Erlington played and were our feature running backs.

All major differences, but I have no clue what has happened since.

Tasker is severly missed, probably the only receiver who regularly comes back, gets open, and makes the catch when the QB is in trouble.

Secondly, for whatever reason, Jones has benched Timmis and Thomas-Erlington and put in White at RB. My initial reaction was that White was a poor choice, reconsidered based on some other posters, but now have confirmed my first impression. White is not the answer at running back (8 for 25), and he is no help as a blocker (5 sacks).

For me the two Nats are better runners and great ratio busters. One as starter one as back up. White is tits on a nun.

Regarding the “how high can you aim in a 4 team division?? thought, I made this point to my family the other day and I think I posted it on here at one point too and nobody bothered trying to dispute my claim. The pundits simply ignored it.

If we finish 9-9 on top of the division or 18-0… what’s the difference? Either way, you get a bye week and a home playoff game. If we beat two Eastern teams, we make it into the playoffs. You do not get a trophy for having a the best regular season record.

See Calgary, the last two years just go to show that an amazing regular season record means absolutely nothing. You don’t win the Cup for having a great record, you win it for making the playoffs and winning 2 or 3 games in a row.

I would rather we be a team like Toronto last year and show how get there with a sub .500 record and sneak out a win than be Calgary and look great all season only to choke in the big game and come home with nothing. Of course we all want to have both, that goes without saying, but if you have to choose one, you always want the championship no matter how you got there.

I think the frustration here is about a culture of "that's good enough". This division has been a disaster since Calvillo retired and Toronto was handed the 100th Grey Cup, we should/could have been the Calgary of the East.

Instead every year we've started slow and said "well the east is crap so we have a chance".

I respectfully disagree, I'd rather be Calgary than mediocre and backing into the playoffs and Grey Cup.

Personally, I'd rather go 18-0.

Call me CrazyHendy77.

2 and 3 so far
6 and 12 last year
7 and 11 year before

Sure we can make playoffs but maybe the goal should be a little more lofty considering almost every team makes it in..

That does sound crazy.

Best to hope for is 8 and 10 and win GC. Now that would be a good look for the league lol

It’s as if there’s problems at quarterback.

2 and 4....

The amount of beer i had to drink to block saturdays game from memory.

Back to the beer store it is.. Thanks alot Crash, big jerk

Actually if you drink enough Masoli doesn't take 2 sacks...he throws to an open receiver and we win.

Buy the right beer.

Lol. Definitely want that beer