We are 2 pts out of second in the east

Ok, so we have played extremely poorly the last 2 weeks but with the Montreal loss to the peg, we are only 1 win, 2 points out of second place in the east. Let’s go cats!

Yay! We're number 3!!

There you go, seeing that glass as 1/2 full again. :smiley:

Yeah, really. That's just not allowed on this forum. Only glass half empty people need apply. Or the "There's never enough water" bunch. Or better yet, "Wish we had yesterday's water still. It was SO much better than the water we have today. Why did we ever let that water go down the drain? I'd trade today's water for yesterday's in a heartbeat." :roll:

I don't care where we are in the standings this team has looked horrid the last 2 games. The O line cant block to save a life, the D line cant get any pressure and our secondary looks like a joke. With our next game being on the road MB's history says we lose another one.

I thought there was beer in the glass, not water. When it gets half full/empty there should be another one ordered anyway.

LOL @ Ockham !...."the" voice of reason" on Ticats.Ca ! :lol: :lol:

Good stuff!! 8)

After watching our Ti-Cats lay a beating on the Als on labour day our team looked invincible.
Then went back to Montreal and got smoked.
We could not match the Al's "intensity" and focus and it showed.
We returned home to play an inspired Edmonton team with only 4 days to prepare and frankly did not show up for that game either.
This team has tons of talent and is capable of beating any team in this league .(including ourselves)
Focus and execution are up to the players!
Intensity, preparation, game plan and personnel on the field are the responsibility of the coaches.
Our next(home) game in Moncton will show if our coaches are capable of meeting these obligations and we will see an inspired Ti-Cats team for the rest of the season and playoffs!

All three top eastern teams are 1-2 in their last three games. Two of the teams got blown out twice in that period, and one got blown out once. Welcome to the CFL. Welcome to parity. It just goes to show that anything can happen on any given day.

Given proper preparation (and short weeks are always tough), I think the Ticats have the potential to beat any team in the league. Let's hope they can turn it around in Moncton this weekend.