we are 0-4... so what!

Call me crazy, however I personally feel by the time the final whistle sounds in the Labour Day game we will be 5-4. At the very least 4-5.

If we keep improving the way we have for the past couple of weeks I say will will have a very positive result on Sept. 3rd. The Al's the week before that, we should be able to handle. The Eskimos on Aug. 11th... Oh ya we can do that. The home and home against Winnipeg, we can win both, at the very least we will split.

Despite your very optimistic prediction, I can't see us finishing the Labour Day game with a better record than 1 & 8.

Call me crazy, but I believe that Winnipeg is too strong of a team for us to beat them. In fact, I'm predicting that Winnipeg will take it all this year.

I don't really know where will be by Labour Day, but what I do know is that this team is rapibly improving. :cowboy:

Other than the opening drive in BC last week our D was dominant. If they can play that well with a losing record just imagine how they will play once we start winning.

I predict we will be 3-5 by labour day.

If we can win this week (and I believe we can) we can easily win at home next week too.

we play 9 games before labour day :?

so either u mean 3-6 or 4-5 i am guessing

my bad… I change my prediction to either 3-6 or 4-5.

When the final whistle is blown on this season is when the knives should come out mercilessly if deserving. But till then I believe and support this years Ticat philosophy of an 18 game season to be judged as a whole and objectively. This is a team on the rise, a team that will win, a team that will further earn respect and win the cup. :thup:

i really think we can do well this season

we are improving in every game this season and i think if we can decrease the amount of penalties we usually get we will win against winnipeg

and maybe that will get us back on track and we start winning and contend for the playoffs

who knows....

its only 4 weeks into the season and anything is possible

no we don't.

zenstate... as you were!

thanks jerkface :slight_smile: it sounds like an insult when I say that..

i think we'll at least split home and home withe peg. and i'm thinking 3-6 but still alive for the playoffs where i think we'll need to finish 2nd because of the potential of a west crossover. either way labour day will be huge as the next week in toronto.


Only if the D scores touchdowns too. So far our offence (other than Nick Setta) hasn't scored too many points.
I agree this will be a winning football team eventually. Its this season that worries me.

You're CRAZY!! Yup, the team played a better game against BC (after 3 putrid efforts) but you can't assume that the improvement will continue. More likely, it will be a season of ups and downs for the Cats and their track record suggests that it will be a lot more of the latter than the former. And even if the Cats generally show improvement, so will the other teams. Like the Cats, they'll be looking for late NFL cuts, fine tuning playbooks, moving guys in and out of their lineups, etc. etc. looking to get better.

However, because it doesn't look like any team in the East will run away with it this season, even a mediocre record will get you into the playoffs. So, I think the Cats have an outside chance at a playoff spot and that would be a huge step forward if they can manage it.

An Argo-Cat fan

I think the Cats will finish well if you look at the 1st 4 games.. the D has lowered the opposition scoring in each game
Calgary 37 pts
Toronto 30 pts
Montreal 29
BC 22

The D is coming around very nicely, and I've noticed the O-Line is coming around as well now all we need to do is put up more than 1 or 2 majors per game and we'll start winning.. I think once the Cats get the 1st win... they'll go on at least a 3 game streak.. confidence will promote a winning attitude

This years Team has HEART Somthing we lacked last year. Hopefully the get a W Friday Night

Thanks Barney,

It took 13 posts before some took me up on my offer.

Comeon! They are trying to get a first round draft pick again!LMAO!!!!!!Only in Hamilton!