We always move backwards

Remember after week 2 of this season? there was so much hope that this team was going to make the playoffs. After that the team followed up with 2 very close losses to some of the leagues finest. Ever since then we have done nothing but move backwards. It is like last year, the season started out, we were getting better every week playing closer and closer, and then about 6 or 7 games into the season we started to move backwards and the lopsided scores piled up. This falls on the coaching staff. It shows that for two straight seasons Mr. Taffe has lost the team in the locker room. I am not saying this years team or last years was very good, or even average, but every other team in every other sport improves as the season goes on. A team that regresses is a team that the coach has lost.

Pretty much. Even the great Bill Walsh had to endure a 2-14 start with the 49ers before the corner began to be turned. He established the West Coast offense and put in a solid 4-3 system defensively. The talent grew into what the coaching staff set in place.

What do we have in Hamilton? We have a team that cannot stick to a balanced attack while the game is competitive, ignoring via playcall its key strength, the running game. We do not effectively use the mobility of our QBs by moving the pocket by design, not allowing defences to simply tee off in the pocket play after play. So what you see is a bizarre 5-pack approach with receivers who as a group can't adjust their patterns when the QB is hurried, who can't run routes particularly well, and drop the ball in key situations. From that, you have no dedicated protector for the QB (a FB), so either the backfield gets swamped by blitzes or you have chip blocks from the releasing back that don't get the job done.


Defensively? We don't have a D-line that can pressure on its own, so you see Creehan dial up a mish-mish of blitzes that are often predictable off delays. If this squad misses tackles, it's an eyesore. I don't see any systemic progression there either.

We are ten games into the season and the team has not built gameplans week to week that emphasize what strengths we have, period. It's a lipsticked-pig way of going about "rebuilding," and we are mired!

One can bemoan the talent until one is blue in the face, but if the coaching staff cannot get the players ready to play to at least compete game after game, it is moot. This team has no identity. Still.

Oski Wee Wee,

Argo and Ticat fans are now brothers and sisiters in arms. :lol:

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