We all done hating now???

Best season ever; most awards and a great team.

Was I mad at how we played Sunday? yup.

But to hear all the negatives from us so called “die hard fans? was worse then the game itself, I’m surprised a riot didn’t break out.

Kudos to 2019 here’s to 2020!

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I look it differently, casual fans got over the loss almost immediately, die hards lost their marbles, hence “die hards”.

3rd GC with a loss, understandable if die hards are sick of saying next year.

We had the best team in the league this year . Logic would suggest that if we retain our core players, next year will be even better .

Winning 16 of 20 is certainly dominant . A couple of tweaks here and there and we’re back in the cup again . :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch ( the old believer )

Here’s hoping this was nothing more then a learning experience preceding several championships, even better if we get to break thr hearts of bombers, stampedes and riders fans for the next 5-10 years!!

Everyone handles things differently, some lash out, some say nothing, some think that their way is the only way, some reason and look at it in a positive way. Judging a fan because of their view is all too common on here. The “real Fans” as some would have you believe are not the only ones.

To quote the great Ricky Bobbie, “If you ain’t first, your last!” ?

I’m not over it, & won’t be for a long time.

The worst part was, it was probably the first GC since '89 we were favoured to win & for the team to crap the bed after being the best team in the league all year was heartrending. Winnipeg did to us what we did to teams all year: jumped on us early & when we did show signs of coming back, stepped right on our throat.



No hate from me just lots of frustrating moments when the Tiger Cats could have secured the Holly Grail of Canadian football. Were they over confident or was a poor game plan the problem ? It looked like the Cats couldn’t match Winnipeg’s intensity and desire to win. The game was obviously lost in the trenches, our offensive line couldn’t stop the rush and our defensive line couldn’t put any sustained pressure on Winnipeg’s offensive line or stop the run.

If there is anything I have learned over many years as a Tiger Cat fan and season ticket holder you must have patience. The stars will all align properly and the football Gods will bless the team and the fans and the city. Close only counts in hand grenades and atom bombs and politics. My grandson and I are season ticket holders locked in till 2022.

Looking forward to adjustments to the team through free agency. The Hammer is the place to play
thanks to Coach O and his position coaches and head office staff. Oskee Wee Wee.

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