We ain't got no playoffs, but we'll always have this:


Yup, he sure got his Bell rung, or more precisely his Bells rung. :smiley:

"But coach, I hit me in my nuts!"

now thats an Argo bounce!

Gotta love that .... He`ll never live that one down !!!!

Ding Dong :lol:

I’d rather have the playoffs

Peterson, Cheetwood, and Hitchcock fans should avoid this one.


I like the Kerwyn Bell video the most. (by far)
That play would look good on any Argo!

hahaha, that’s hilarious.

is that a scene from the longest yard..lol

Does one of the guys commentating kind of sound like Matt Dunnigan to you?

Yes, he's done colour in the past.

haha!! That made my day, Argos suck!!!

Our balls are bigger.

Kerwin Bell's were certainly bigger afterwards too :lol:

oh come on, playoff's are once a year, but seeing a guy hit himself infront of 20,000+ is priceless


I love the end when Johnny Scott I think (#72)is watching the replay on the Jumbotron and laughing almost as much as I was.

I believe it was Kermit Bell that got sacked at a crucial time during Lamarr McGriggs' first game back with the Cats in 98. Griggs runs into the endzone to celebrate his sack and promptly throws up. He was a little out of game shape apparantly.

A certain person on this site named Bunner has me on tape asking McGriggs about this incident at Cup 98. McGriggs tells the tale in graphic detail.

After seeing that amusing clip, I could not help but think of this picture:


Bell certainly got rung there, although that "he got rung" quote was more likely a reference to the incident mentioned in the post preceding this one.