WDSF - Riders at Eskimos Game Thread, Sun. Nov. 16, 4 pm et.

Western Semifinal: Roughriders at Eskimos
Today at 4PM EST / 1PM PST on TSN1, TSN4 and TSN5

Darian Durant has been ruled out for the WDSF, so Saskatchewan will have to rely on Kerry Joseph to pull off a huge upset over Edmonton today. Mike Reilly is going to be Matt Nichols's backup, so we shall see if he has to come into the game at some point to bail his buddy out. Unless the Riders can run the ball effectively, the Esks should get it done today.

Oski Wee Wee,


Edmonton by 14 ... that's my guess!

Time for a western pick-up for the first egg lay of the doubleheader!

I thought that distinction already went to the lions????

Well now as we move to the more frozen northwest - the "beard" has the EE on the board with a FG and the Green have just gone 2 and out. Looking for the EE to boot the Riders and their obnoxious fans out of the picture! :twisted:

Maybe Crompton should watch this game to hear "loud, passionate" fans who are sitting in more frigid conditions to support their team. :roll:

They helped lay the egg that was the first game. LOL I am hoping for a much better game in the second.

Another pick on Joseph...albeit off a tip from Rob Bagg. Riders are reeling!

Well so far Joseph keeps forgetting that he wears green and white NOT green and gold. He' already tossed a couple of picks to the EE :oops: I think the Greenies will die with KJ at the helm but should prove to put up a better fight (I think) than the toothless Leos did :roll:

The third Joseph INT is upheld after the review (no evidence to overturn it).

7-0 Eskimos...should be much more!

So far, this is looking like a second egg is being started. Sorry, Russ!!!

Yes. LOL

I doubt Sunseri or Doege would be any better in the saddle for the Riders!

Edmonton should be up by 3 scores by now. You can't keep letting them off the turf, even with Kerry Joseph running the offense.

Riders will have to go with Joseph, good or bad. Scary to think that their fate is in his hands.

Why haven't the Riders tried to establish the run game? This is bizarre!

Joseph has completed 5 passes so far,
Unfortunately 3 of them have been to the Schmoes

17-0 Esks after the MONSTER return by Lawrence!

I feel a fiftyburger coming in this one too!

Former TiCat RB/KR's have stood out in both semi-finals today.

Well if the offense can't score the TD..... Lawrence just broke a HUGE punt return and took it to the house! :thup:

Cut to a stunned looking Chamblin on the sidelines wondering how to get his team moving without their home crowds! :roll: :lol:

Both teams exchange armpunts. Joseph has FOUR now.

Again, if the Riders think Joseph is going to rain five TDs on the Esk D today, they are nuts! They need to balance their attack before the game is completely gone.

As have former DBs Hinds and Rwabukamba (used to know how to spell it!) both with pick off of KJ! :smiley: