WDSF - Leos at Gang Green (BC-SASK), 4 pm et

Sun November 10
BC at Saskatchewan
4pm et/1pm pt

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=436297 << TSN.ca's game preview http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=436241 << more on Travis Lulay's status for the game http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=436205 << Chris Getzlaf is ruled out for today's game

Oski Wee Wee,


Time to enter the freezer in Regina and enjoy! :slight_smile:

Hank likes a warm cozy dome

And no wind !

Coming up next week! :smiley:

Looks like a FEW empty seats at Mosaic - Rider nation probably in the lineup for hot drinks and not rushing back out to the cold! Heard the Commish was planning to be there too - likely with his woolies on!

Lulay putting a nice drive together so not sure where the vaunted Rider D is hiding! :slight_smile:

Rod Black is making my ears bleed!

17-16 BC at the half.

I would consider the Van Gogh solution, but I work a mute button well. LOL

Lions and Riders have scored almost as many points in one half as the Als and Ticats did in the whole game! :smiley: Of course it's just freezing there so they're likely running like mad to stay warm and there appears to be little wind and NO precipitation! :smiley:

Some how.. he breaks through my "mute" button.....

Missed the half time stats but was wondering about the rushing yards. BC seems to be running the ball very successfully -haven't seen quite as much of Sheets although I know he has put up some yards. Anyone see them? :slight_smile:

"Not immediately recovered"

Just WTF do these people think a man's reaction time is????

BC jumped on the loose ball IMMEDIATELY after it was fumbled... and the above is the call?????????

This call is going to cost a major game one day it seems.. they are using it more regularly after the Cats game...


Could be because the Riders had their hands on it and tried to recover before BC managed to secure it?

A fumble is a fumble until recovered.....when did a stop watch determine differently??

Only in Rod Black's universe could a third-year guy (Adam Bighill) who was selected to his second West all-star nod a "perennial" one. UGH!

End of the third quarter BC with a 9 point lead. I'd say this game is starting to "heat up".

Cortez may not make it to the Grey Cup again - but then last year he couldn't get us to to the playoffs at all! :smiley:

Okay spoke too soon - Riders just scored a TD and are within 2.

Rushing yds at the end of the 3rd : 351 BC 275 Riders although DD just had a big running gain.

Milo with the FG to put the riders ahead by one with just under five to go in the fourth.
Lulay rips off a big run for a FD. This game will likely go down to the wire like the ESF Playoff football at its best!

Riders win!

Ridernation is GOING CRAZY. Milo's Fg with under a minute (30 sec?) left means the Leos need the major and they can't get it done! Home teams Triumphant today. :rockin: :rockin:

Saskatoon was a ghost town during the game, I wonder what most Saskatoon residents (including myself) were doing during the game? :? :lol:

Congrats to the Rides for the win!