WDSF Game Thread -- Leos at Riders (Nov.14, 4 pm et, TSN)



Arcenaux (spelling?) TD!

Tie game!

No disrespect to our beloved Ticats but this is a much better game.

At least one kick attempt to tie a game at the end of regulation was tried today! LOL

Arceneaux -- great kid, Geroy's successor.

Impressive how Arceneaux got what looked like a jump ball in the end zone.

For the second consecutive season, BC goes into OT in a division semi-final game, except THEY were the ones to make the comeback to tie.

Let's see how they do this time. And with that "must go for two" after a TD rule.

Well, it's "let's attack a defence" by both teams. Not only entertaining, but in keeping with playoff contenders in the CFL!

He can really sling it when needed. Great pocket movement also to avoid pressure.

I did not see all of this one. But it looks like this has been a better one, as we are seeing actual offence here.

Cates JUST in for the TD, no surprise it was challenged.

Then Durant to Fantuz for the 2 point convert.

Can BC do that on their next possession?


It's down to THIS.



Lulay saw the path to the end zone and ran into it for the TD.

But costly timecount violation call on two point convert attempt.

But Simon gets it to tie it!


Oh no, I prefer the old overtime format.



CFL football as it should be!@#

I hope Cat fans are seeing, through their tears, what fans can do to help their team in home games. Although, BC got through it, that fan accomplishment of making the 2-point convert a 10-yarder, rather than 5, was the Most Outstanding Fan Accomplishment of the season!

There were TWO timecount violation calls taken on that drive by BC.

But BC short of FD, and must settle for FG. McCallum was good.

Morgan went off injured.

I'm sure they'd like to end this with TD.

BC FG from 37. 38-35 BC.

Clermont in for the TD for the win!



Durrant pass to Clermont for TD. Great game!

Full credit to BC and Lulay for the amazing effort and competition.