Since the Lions forum is always filled with attendance threads, Just wanted to know who you think will start the thread?

Sorry, Added one more option in other thread. Disregard this one

but I like this one better

So do I but I wanted to see if Dupsell would chose option 5. LOL

...edited it in for you and deleted the other...hope you don't mind...

Voted for Option 5... even though I'm an Oilers fan. :smiley:

Reason I left the forum was b/c of attendance whinefests...that and Stephen Mandell...
Same reason I came back was to see them tho.

What can I say... I miss the ol' ticketMaster hounds. :twisted:

lets see, if I make a guess or comment here about the attendance, then it would make OP the answer to the question

lol, too true...

but this is just a leak in the floodgates.

The real post is coming...

If you listen just hard enough you can hear the practicing of the number sequence


Hear that? Someone just got an automated Ticket master message!

Ooohh... I'm sensing a 6:22pm Post on Tuesday October 30th... can't get a read on just who tho... wait, wait... nope just gas.

Looking into my Crystal ball.....


Heres the post too.

Crystal ball, please show me Dupsels post.....

" Rick Dhaliwall says there will be 59,600, that is so wrong, why can't they fill BC Place to capacity. Why are they playing that game when the Canucks play 4 hours later. I'm going to Seattle to watch the Seahawks and their 80,000 fans."

Thank you Crystal ball! :roll: :roll:

Boy this poll is really throwing a damper on our two contestants . I can see in some other threads that they are sure chomping at the bit to get on with an attendance thread . I think in those comments in that other thread,120db(my choice in the poll) is showing signs of cracking. It must just be killing these guys inside to resist winning this little poll. :lol: :lol:

Thinking the exact same thing. Noticed they are sticking to the 40,000 people thread instead of starting a new one.

Now, now gents, we should show them some compassion here. If they are wrong for the tenth straight time this season they may require a suicide watch! :wink:

Sporty, Loved your crystal ball post. I literally laughed for 10 mins when I read it. Totally hit it on the head.

There are still about 2 weeks to go before the WDF so I'm betting it happens the week before.

And so it begins… the WF attendance post is upon us.:twisted:

Sportsman you almost nailed it, I got the goosebumps…

…say your Crystal Ball… does it do 6/49 too?

Ok , congrats to the winner Dupsdell , but it was valiant effort form 120db as well , who got off the second thread already too . The pressure just got to Dupsdell first. You got a weak will dupsdell!!! Ya should have waited , 120 was showing more signs of cracking then you!!

I'm thinking Sporty is moonlighting as Dupsell so he can finally say what he really feels. LOL. Just messin Sporty.

pennw, I knew Dupsell would break first.

120db did actually cheat though , he already had a thread going at www.lionbackers.com .

Right here it is:



No wonder he didn't start the first topic here.

They have almost 50 pages worth of posts on the WF topic. I can see why he'd post there, that forum is rabid... wow.


hey that's not fair, I voted for Dupsell 33 times and it only counted once