WDF - Stamps seem resigned to loss in Western Final


For some inexplicable reason the Stampeders seemed resigned to a loss today at McMahon. It is almost eery here in Calgary with not much hope being held for the Stamps going on to the Grey Cup. Most I talk to feel the Riders are Riding destiny to participate in the Grey Cup on their home turf. Maybe it is the weather, maybe the Stamps just got spooked too much on Hallowe'en or more likely maybe they are embarrassed that there will be as many Rider fans as Stamps fans in the stands today. Whatever, the Stamps seem willing to step aside and start the off-season early!!!!!!!!!!! :roll: :wink: :wink:
Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide :cowboy:

After the 1st qtr I would have to agree TB. Brutal intensity level from the Stamps.

It's a case of no intensity at all. . . why are they so flat ?

The 2nd coming of Nostradamus?

Two big plays by the stamps only yield 6 points, Riders D is shutting Cornish down. Cortez made some quick adjustments and the Riders are moving with ease thanks to an oline that is beating up a depleted dline.
Going to be a great game I think.
go Riders go!

Clearly a conspiracy by the league to make the GC a success. No doubt they put NyQuil in the stamps Gatorade.


Most disgusting non call in the cfl this year - wow

I guess this is the game thread now so here we go, the Stamps are choking right now.

?? what call on Durant,

If Durant doesn't want to get hit then he better hook slide before defenders commit to the hit.

This one is done early, Stamps choking on their own vomit right now, embarrassing !! :thdn:

I can't believe it but TB is physic

Someone forgot to tell the Stamps... this game has playoff implications!!!

22-6 Greenies

Hamilton wants retribution for the 89 Grey Cup!!!!!!!!!!!

Sure is pretty ugly.

And what's with re-running the same Wendy's ad over and over and over and over ??

There is a FINE line between physic and phsyco.......

:lol: :lol:

I actually agree. He was too late for the slide.

Finally something to laugh about, instead of Calgary's game.

I hate Larry Taylor and Eric Fraser, sorry I'm in a bad place right now.

Well I guess Jeff Spicolli will get the start in the 2nd half.

I’m honeslty speechless and angry.