WDF P-B-P Thread

I'm late on this one, but there are already significant happenings.

A bobbled pass in the end zone will be an INT on Collaros.

Fajardo grabbing his throwing hand in pain after a sack.

WPG fumbles into the end zone, SSK scoops and returns to the red zone...

2 costly turnovers for the BB already

That tackle on the sack would have net Jeffcoat a roughing the passer call jumping into the air to land on the QB

Sask flirting with disaster

Cue the WPG meltdown...

Touchdown Saskatchewan!!!!

I hate the Bummers almost as much as I hate the Argos!!!!

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I hate Sask almost as much and the Argos but I'm still pulling for them in this game

We would have better than even chance against Saskatchewan if we face them next week...

We're probably going to get boat raced against the Bummers of Mosquitoville...

Agreed. Can't stand the Riders but I don't want to play WPG.

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7-7 tie

7-7 TIE-Bombers?

...I'll show myself out now...

INT for Saskatchewan!!!!!

Another INT on Collaros

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Don't make me choose.

FG SSK - 10-7 greenies

Saskatchewan CANNOT settle for FG's when the get in the red zone against the Bummers...Gotta punch it in!!!

I just hope each team beats the snot out of each other.


Was just going to post I don't care who wins, as long as the loser beats the crap out of the winner

Andre Proux looks tres froid.

Suits dreaming win scenarios out loud. "If they can just keep it close."