WDF - Lions / Riders - Round 3

this is going to be a great game (and lucky me, gets to watch it in High Def for the first time ever!) so i'll be really enjoying it....

Sporty's blueprint for a win:

Both are good teams. Both must play their best to win. Both must mixup their runs with passing attack to be sucessful! Heres how I see it:

FOR SASKATCHEWAN TO WIN: They must continue that same Play action fake that Joseph used so sucessful against the Stamps. If the Lions defense don't shut it down, it will be a long tiring night. The Saskatchewan defense must put continuous pressure on the BC QB's (Whoever they are?).

The offensive line (With or without Jimenez) must protect whichever QB is in. If Jackson or Dickenson has too much time, receivers like Simon, Jackson and Clermont will get open and exploit the Rider secondary. The BC Defense needs to shut down Joseph. If he runs for 100+ yards they will lose.

Heres one more key:

Both teams hate each other. Which ever team shows the most discipline and stays away from stupid penalties that kill drives(Or extends drives) will win the game.

My two cents worth. :lol: :lol:

In reading all the Forums, it is apparant by some(actually most)of the Rider Fans that are having a problem handling success. Their cockyness is over the top; they bad mouth other teams (Stamps Org and players after the win (and before for that matter), as if they are in a position to talk about all their years of success. All this could be their undoing. Because many (myself included) are looking to cheer for the Lions now, and hope the Lions stuff the Rider's.

and not one lions fan has ever bashed the riders or any other team in the process being cocky the whole time come on get real!!

You sound eerily familiar to Vintagered on GSG.

There are dumbass fans for every team... We all know who the true Rider fans are on here. It's not some big secret... You can tell by how people post, and what they post.

and 22,500 of those will be to Rider fans

sorry, meant to include this quote with the above 22,500 rider fan post

Are the fans having a game too? Hmmm, I never heard that.


[sarcasm]How dare those Rider fans get cocky like that? Don't they know they had nothing to do with thier team winning. It's a sad day when football fans brag about thier hometown team like that.[/sarcasm]

I am on the old side, but not yet vintage. :wink: what is gsg. Maybe he is my long lost twin, but I am not thaaaaaaaaaat old.