WDF Game Thread - Gang Green at Nags (SAS vs. CAL)

You mean he's actually there!!?? :smiley:

Tate takes over in the 2nd.....

Glenn to the sidelines!


Stamps fumble AGAIN!!!

Riders recover!

Stamps just start to get some momentum...And they fumble it away again...

We're playin the 'Riders next week..

Stamps TD... they are clawing back!

Stamps with their FIRST TD of the game - now down by 10 (22-12).
My daughter who lives in Calgary is really ticked at the Stamps performance so far - I would be too!

WOW what a catch by Dressler... that foot JUST touched down...before going out of bounds

This one's over...

Looks like the Stamps are starting to show up - an "almost" interception in the EZ.

JUST got in from the game. Come on Calgary (gulp) but I don't want the Riders to have home field next week!

Neither do I...

Bad weather,travel,and,Sasky at home is NOT a good combination for us...

Corndog just had a nice run up the field for about 30+ yards -
IF Stamps win this one with Tate then they may start him in the GC instead of Glenn.

We are going to have to suffer through Suitor gushing all over the 'Riders next week...

Horses have about a half a quarter to come up with 2 TDs for a win. Riders have definitely been dominating this one from the opening kickoff!

All but official...

The Cats will meet the Riders in the 101st Grey Cup Game....

GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!

7 turnovers, Stamps toast. Now thinking about going to RiderNationVille for Canada's most major championship, the 101st Grey Cup national championship final!!!

Sorry McMaster and Westdale but Vanier doesn't compare. Hey Ryan at Raise the Hammer, are you happy? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:



Western Final is mirroring the Eastern game - just like the semifinal games did. Home teams win (SF), home teams lose and are dominated b the visitors - except the Riders have dominated the Stamps ALL game long and just scored again!

Ticats will be in tough against the Riders at home next week! They have looked pretty unstoppable today and have now played two FRIGID weather games and won!

The Stamps gave this game to the Riders.... I am not worried, I honestly believe we will win the 101st Grey Cup now!!!!

@HalfTheDistance - I like your enthusiasm and really hope that you are right! I'm happy that they got to the BIG game! :smiley:

However the Riders have looked VERY beatable at times this season and the Ticats may just be able to pull this one off. The Stamps offense was TERRIBLE and their D didn't show up until the 2nd to at least slow down the Riders.

An upset in Regina would be absolutely AWESOME!! :rockin: :smiley: