WDF Game Thread - Gang Green at Nags (SAS vs. CAL)

Western Final
Saskatchewan Roughriders at Calgary Stampeders
Sunday at 4pm et/1pm pt

Hopefully this game will be the cherry to a great CFL playoff doubleheader tomorrow!

Oski Wee Wee,


The TSN.ca WDF preview page is up at http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/feature/?id=108517 . Enjoy!

Oski Wee Wee,


Big news for Rider fans -- Chris Getzlaf will play tomorrow.


Shameless gameday morning bump. :slight_smile:


A gameday preview of this afternoon's clash.

Oski Wee Wee,


Oh yea... there is a Western game going on..... :lol:

Riders TD lead Stamps 7-3

Riders hit pay dirt again... 14-3 Greenies!!

Riders recover the Fuller fumble

Calgary is sh*tting the bed real early!!

Calgary starting to come apart at home....

Normally,I'd root for Saskatchewan,but,in light of the events of earlier today...

I don't want to have to play Saskatchewan in a home game for the Grey Cup!!!

They'd be looking for a little payback for '72!!!!

I'll take them....

We want retribution for the 89 GC!!

Stamps turn the ball over...Again!!!


Fuller fumbles AGAIN!

Riders recover…

TD Riders…

Let the thumping begin!!


Touchdown Weston Dressler..

Looks like we'll be playng Sasky in a home game next week....


Glenn chucks the INT!!

Riders ball

Glenn throws another pick...

Sasky's rollin'...

LOL.. the Riders fumble on the goal line.. get nothing!!!

Sask. fumble at the Calgary goal line saving the Stamps from getting blown out in the 1st half....

Cornish who?

At the half.. Riders 22 - Stamps 6

So far this game has been ALL Riders - Unless the Stamps can get this game turned around in the 2nd half they will suffer the same fate as the Boatmen!! Green has a MUCH bigger lead at the half over their opponent than the Blew had!

Would LOVE to play the Riders and BEAT them on their home turf to make up for their gloating over beating us in the regular season! :rockin: