WC/MD back for Sunday...

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REGINA -- The Saskatchewan Roughriders will have two familiar faces on the roster when they play the Hamilton Tiger-Cats on Sunday (1 p.m.) at Mosaic Stadium.

Riders head coach Ken Miller confirmed Friday that running back Wes Cates and wide receiver Matt Dominguez will be on the active roster. Cates has missed three games with a high left ankle sprain.

Dominguez has been sidelined since Aug. 2 with the fourth serious knee injury of his career which he suffered in a 22-21 victory over the Calgary Stampeders.

Dominguez was originally diagnosed with a torn left anterior cruciate ligament, which likely meant an end to his career.

During the surgery to repair the knee, doctors discovered the ligament was partially torn and that the season and his career weren't over.

Cates and Dominguez aren't the only changes on the Riders' offence. Darian Durant has replaced Michael Bishop at quarterback and is to make the start Sunday.

Vincent Marshall also slated to start at wide receiver because of injuries to Corey Grant and Gerran Walker.

I am surprised that Matt is back. And I wish him all the best. If healthy, he is as good a receiver as there is in the league. And hopefully Cates can pick up where he left off. All good news for DD as he gets the call at QB.

i was totally blindsided when i heard MD was back... didnt expect to see him at least until playoffs. IM real happy about it but terrified of whats gonna to happen on his first catch... :S

I am very surprised to hear Matt is healthy enough to play Sunday. Before MD's latest injury he was playing tentative on his knee, now after yet another partial ACL tear suffered Aug 2nd the medical staff has cleared him for duty........WOW!!!....Best of luck Matt.

I just heard MD has been fitted for a knee brace. If this exciting news is true, MD could still have a great career as a Rider...

You would think they would have done that awhile back.

I wonder how long it will be before MD gets injured again. I don't want to put a whammy on him, but it seems he has terrible luck when it comes to lasting for more than half or a third of a season. I hope he can stay healthy and contribute to the team's success.

Did Miller say what roster they are on? 46 or 42. 4 players dress but dont play.

They made the 46-man roster, but the game day roster isn't usually determined until...well...game day...

[url=http://www.riderville.com/siteimages/Depth%20Chart-%20GM%2016%20vs%20Hamilton(1]http://www.riderville.com/siteimages/De ... Hamilton(1[/url]).pdf

Cates, Dominguez, Marshall, Jones, and Wasiela on.

Grant, Walker, Chick, Charles, and Heard off.

Everybody but Charles was put on the injured list, which won't help against the SMS. (Chick, Fantuz, Flick, Grant, Heard, McKenzie, Nicholson, O'Day, Walker, and Seante Williams are on the non-9-game injured list -- Their salaries count against the cap and we don't have them playing)

If nothing else, Dominguez' presence in the huddle will only help motivate the other players on the field. He can still play, and if healthy is one of the more dominant recievers in the league. Wes Cates will bring back a running game to this team, and I expect he will pick up exactly where he left off and win the rushing title this year.

Please keep Matt Dominguez' healthy!! The guy deserves a break after the string of bad luck he has had with injuries.

I hope him and Wes Cates have amazing games!!!

MD had a solid first game sporting his new brace. Fought for extra yards on his first catch,was able to grab a badly telegraphed ball in tight coverage, twice slipped behind coverage, where the defender was called for a Pass interference and once in the end zone where the pass was down and away for a interception.......All in all, it's great too have Matt back