WBAL Salutes The Baltimore Stallions

American radio station WBAL with former P.R director for the Baltimore Stallions Mike Gathagan, talks to QB Tracy Ham, team owner Jim Speros, head coach Don Matthews and linebacker Elfrid Payton, about the Stallions time in Baltimore

Don Matthews and Tracy Ham are the best interviews, but the others are okay.


Good interviews.
Too bad the guys didn’t ask Speros the obvious question of what would have happened if the NFL did not bully back into Baltimore.
I have heard him in other articles say how it is likely they would still be in the league.

What a great find! Amazing to see that the Stallions are remembered in a market that had a franchise for only a couple of seasons and has been gone for over a decade and a half now. Wonder what would have happened if the team would have lasted until today.

Great insight into the circumstances regarding the Colts name. :thup:

Miss the Stallions. Would love to see them return someday! :twisted:

great listen. speros' clip was insightful.

The 'American Experiment' wasn't a total loss

Always thought Speros would have made an excellent CFL Commissioner...and still believe so.

The reincarnated Als team may not have occurred had Jim not relocated the team back to Montreal after the NFL squeezed him out of Baltimore.
And to my recollection, the Stallions had the best attendance record in the CFL during the two seasons there.

The man is quite passionate and knowledgeable about the game, and still relatively young.
IMO, Cohon should approach him regarding a possible ownership stake in a Halifax or Quebec City franchise.

intriguing....just listened to the Speros interview where he states that he is contemplating getting back into the sports arena..

The CFL would benefit greatly to speak with him about expansion possibilities or alternate progressive conceptions/ideas.