Ways you support and help increase support of the CFL

so what do you do to support and help increase support for the CFL? post everything you got, good way for others to get ideas.

before last year, my friends didnt even think about going to the ticats game. Last year, i brought a group of around 10 with me to 7/9 games...plus most of my buddies have now bought ticat gear to go along with it.

-i always bring up the ticats or the CFL in general when having a conversation with someone.

-I'll always being wearing something to do with the CFL...ticats hat, cfl shirt, ticats jeresy..ect.

I have gone to all but one GC game since '94
I regularly attend at leat one lions game a year and bring as many as 6 (american) friends with me whenever I go.
I have hosted a Grey Cup party in Bellingham (washington) and have had as many as 15 people over to watch it.

....well, I attend games when I can, and my students are sick and tired of me pumping the CFL daily.....does that count? :smiley:

As i said in another post, i will support my team(Riders), and i will try to go to more games. My friends and I love the CFL, even though i dont like some aspects of it. You take the bad with the good. I do work graveyard shifts, so some games it will be impossible for me to go to, but I would like to go to more games, we usually attend one game per year, that being the labour day game against the bombers.

i sometimes bring up the bombers and cfl stuff.when i say the bombers are going to be way better than last year ppl laugh at me but thats going to change

no it wont, we are still going to laugh :wink:

go to games, frequently bring friends to games. If a game is on TV, regardless where I am I turn it on. Gotten in frequent CFL vs NFL convos. Gone to last 5 grey cups. Owner of the Riders. Wear CFL gear.

How about $40.00 to the rider sutes you hypocrites.True rider fans would support their team!!!SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

buy lots of CFL stuff, watch a game when I can, tell EVERYONE about it.

Season ticket holder with the Cats, buy hats, shirts etc. Go to Canadian Football Hall of Fame & Museum here in Hamilton and buy stuff at gift shop. Promote CFL to friends and family as excellent sporting outing, best sports entertainment dollar money can buy.

I happen to write letters, to different cities across the good old US of A...
Asking them if they would be interested in CFL expansion...
Call me nuts, I think it just might work..lol..

no , theyve tried it once already and it was a dismal failure. Idiots like the Gliebs would be allowed back into the CFL.....

I was kidding around again...tounge in cheek sort of thing...
The labour laws make it immposible, to have an equal playing field..

Hank you don't have to say sorry.
These rider fans don't know a joke it was right in front of them.For example when they go see a rider game.
They get that joke either.It is like talking to a Province of Sarcan workers!!!!

Saskargo every time you post i get a good laugh, cause all of your posts(no matter what the topic) are jokes. If you tried to make any kind of a point on a football related topic, you might see just how much we know about the game. You refuse to do that, which is very sad indeed.Post whatever insults you wish to give, it only serves to re-inforce the zero respect you get from anyone else here.

Hank, you're sounding like Kanga now.....be carefull.....really carefull! :wink:

I make the 4 hour trek down from the interior and see about 6 or 7 of the 10 home games. My son and his boss have a block of 4 season tickets, but once a year their company takes a bunch of customers out, usually 25-30. The Lions have a discounted group rate with draws for small prizes among the "group booking" for hats, shirts and souvinirs. Up here, we have Grey Cup parties which draw 20-30 people each year.

Write a thousand times the Riders will win the cup! on the black board. I can see it now you must have the best behaved students! :lol:

I was in Texas a few years back and on the day of the game all the businesses within that city told their employees to wear the colors of the team and they would dress thier businesses up with team colors. Sort of builds a spirit of the team. They do team promo's as well the wackiest customer wins a prize! It worked great.

thats a good one.

I would love to see that at a CFL stadium...if a team could get a real good sponsor to hand out shirts all the same colour....that would be AMAZING.