Ways to improve the CFL game and attract more fans

I started this topic as a forum to discuss how the CFL can improve the experience for the fans.

One thing I would like to see is games finishing under the three hour mark. I remember back in the 70's when games were televised on CTV and CBC, most games would be finished in time for a post game review before the end of the three hour time slot. Nowadays very few games finish inside three hours, and TSN has taken to slotting a 30 minute yap session between double header games to allow the first game to finish before the second one starts.

There a far too many interruptions in the game. I realize that advertising pays the bills, but it has gotten totally out of control. It is so frustrating to have wait for a guy with a red hat to wave a flag to tell us that the TV ad is finished before play can start.

There are lots of natural breaks in the game (injuries, reviews, time-outs, half-time). Use those breaks to slot in the ads, and let the rest of the game flow as it should. TSN is driving fans away with constant interruptions in the play.

As a Ticat fan for the past 40 years, that's my biggest frustration with the game as it is played today.