Wayne traded for Cavil

heard from TSN Kwame Cavil has been traded to the Edmonton Eskimos for DT Wayne going to Montreal

Why would they want Cavil? That puzzles me...

Hervey is bit injured, it doesnt look serious, but he could out a while. also Nowacki could be out a while, and Kelley is also injured. it just adds depth. Cavil is a great receiver, who wouldnt want him on their team?

It’s on the Score to. What a wicked trade for the Eskimos! A replacement for Hervey. Nice receiving core now when Hervey gets back.

Wideouts- J Tuck and Hervey (Gaylor for now)
Slotbacks- Mookie Mitchell and Kwame Cavil

if Hervey is healthy, thats 5 receivers that deserve double coverage, and with Ray...this passing game will be awesome

Does That Trade Make Any Sense To Anybody? Montreal Really Needs Cavil To Take The Pressure Off Of Cahoon, And Edmonton Has Such An Amazing Group Of Recievers Cavil Will Just Be Taking Away From The Other Talent That The Team Already Has.

Great trade for the Esks. I don’t understand this one? :?:

To be more specific...what is Mathews smoking?

Eskimos32001 you think Kwame will be ready against BC on Friday?

who cares? this is awesome for the esks, and bad for the Als, who have been a Eastern threat for years.

...very nice trade for edmonton. What the heck is Don thinking? :?

why wouldnt he? you need time to learn the offense as a QB, but its easier for a WR, he may have some misplays, which hopefully dont result in any INTs, but i think he will play, especially since Hervey and Nowacki may be gone for this one

That may be your brightest moment yet...good analysis, junior.

Montreal's in a "slump" compared to how they've played in the previous seasons and at a time when they need to get their offfence going to get out of it they trade away a great reciever for a DT. It just doesn't make sense. Good for the Eskies though.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS .....Esks pull a switch and all of a sudden a credible replacement is on the scene ...presto....what are the Al's thinking....something is stinking if this one is true....better put Mont. on a resuscitator....it looks like a flatliner.... :roll:

You mean Jim Popp dont you?

Papazoola you got it right............flatlining for sure.

Assuming Popp made the deal, he'd have to have Matthews' approval for a move like this. Can't see how Wayne helps the Als at all; at DT they've got Philion, Brown, Nix, and Gibson on the injured list. Can anyone suggest Wayne is an upgrade? I don't think so.........

Cavil was a 1,000 yard receiver last year; at the rate things are going Als will be lucky to have one this year (and it'll be Watkins since they force feed him the ball all game and (relatively) ignore Cahoon and Vaughn).

Good trade for Edmonton; bad trade for Montreal. Eskimos, once Hervey gets back, will have an outstanding receiving corps, better than anyone in the league I think (and look, I actually spelled "corps" properly, unlike most other posters!!!!!!)

Wanna bet this trade was made by Don to get rid of Cavil. Things
are get personal out in Montreal.

What five receivers need double coverage?

I'll take that bet.
I'm sure it was made by Popp and I think he knows what he is doing

So youre happy with the trade?