Wayne Smith

Why is he not starting at left guard?

He was at right tackle last week and has been replaced by Ryan Donnelly (see depth chart).

I thought Wayne did a pretty good job out of position last week.

Maybe his injury flaired up after the last game and as a result he is not 100% for this one. Or maybe they just want to see what Ryan can do.

I remember a play in the 3rd quarter of the last game where the Ticats were pinned down inside their own 10, at the east end of the field.
At the end of the play Smith was slow getting up and pounded his fist on the turf in anger a couple of times. I thought he was going to stay down injured, but he got up and hobbled back to the huddle.
On the next play I scanned the O-line and noticed Donnelly was at right tackle, Smith was at right guard, and Filice was at centre. So not only was Hudson out, Hage had gone out with an injury at some point that I hadn't noticed.
Smith toughed it out then because there were no more backup linemen. In yesterday's Spec it said he has a bit of an ankle injury. So he'll likely be a backup until that's healed.

JFL pretty much summed up the situation.