Wayne Smith

Hey, how did he do tonight at OT?

i had to work and missed the game but as i was going over the play by play on the game review i noticed Smith took two procedure penalties pretty close together...

what happened? anyone wanna take a shot at this? Is Smith a good permanent solution to our RT woes?

He did Very Well IMO
But Another is Better then Powel
His Feet where too Slow for the CFL

It's no secret that I am a have the utmost respect for Wayne on and off the field.

Last night I saw a true, dedicated and determined athlete.

Yes people will come back with he had two penalties, I say two penalties in the first game at a position that he hasn't played since college.

I'd rather see everything he did right, he blocked effectively and was a force to be reckoned with out there.

I went down to the rail at the beginning of the game and gave him the thumbs up, he looked at me and nodded with determination. It was right then that I said to myself...he's going to kick a$$ tonight...and he did.

As the game progressed Wayne stayed in even though he was in obvious pain from his ankle with Eskimo defenders targeting his now weak side. This man represents what it is to be a Hamilton Tiger Cat. Tough, determined and dedicated.

My one concern is that now that they have an idea that Wayne can step up in tackle postion, he needs to heal that ankle completely so he has an ankle to play on next season.

He wants to play and contribute, personally I'd rather have him completely heal and be ready to fight for maybe the end of the season and definitely next season.

Wayne if you are reading you did great buddy, you made ue even more proud to be Ticat fans.


great! (like i said, i didn't catch the game, i was just wondering if they were for drawing an offside... or something else or whatever. since smith doesn't charactaristcially take a lot of procedure penalties.)