Wayne Smith starting at RT!

planning to start homebrew Wayne Smith, who moves over from guard, where he's played in all three of his pro seasons. If Smith, a non-import, can master tackle, which has become an American position in the east and through much of the league, recruiting needs change dramatically. He wouldn't be a full-fledged ratio buster, but he'd be close.

Smith, who is still battling a foot injury which might interfere with the club's investigative plans, was a tackle in college but moved inside in Hamilton. He's looking forward to the experiment, because he likes the extra manoeuvrability space on the outside of the line. And his mobility will certainly be an asset, as defences have taken to simply looping outside tackle to get to Jason Maas.

"We've talked about it for a long time but we could never get him healthy enough to try it," head coach Ron Lancaster said yesterday.

Looks like we may be on to something. Can't wait to see Wayne use his athletic ability at that position. A good call by the little general. Hopefully Wayne can stabilize the positon since Travis played, RIP. Man do I miss his presence, on and off the field.

I like Smith at guard where he has done very well so far in his carreer . I like an import at that position , Lets hope it`s just a matter of not being able to find a competent player rather than trying to save money .

wayne is gonna get punked at right tackle .... for one hes not tall enough and his arms are way too short. hes better down inside where is mistakes arent so glaring. and he can use his strengths.

thats funny, because he did a damn fine job at OT last year when Claridge got hurt.

and he did play Tackle in college.

we'll see but i think he is better fitted and built to play gaurd.

I think Smith will do a better job at the run blocking, especially on the sweeps for Jesse...and Felice has been doing a good job at RG and may be difficult to move now. So it makes sense to give it a try.

we could also use Hudson at guard (where he played quite well in ottawa)

but why break up the side of the line thats been doing well?

Plus with a rook like Felice on the line it's probably a good idea to "hide him at Guard" where any mistakes wont really kill us.

Welcome Back Big Man!

I'm a big fan of the Mr. Smith. When I spoke to him after the last game I could see he wanted to be out there.

I'm looking even more forward to this weeks game now.


man i wish i could go to this oneā€¦

Smith was a tackle in college. He's quicker on his feet than the imports we've been using at tackle this year. I think he'll be a major improvment for the O line. This move should have been made long ago. With Smith moving to tackle and Lumsden slotted to start in the backfield, we're already a much stronger team.

Even this poster noticed our tackles getting slaughterd anything is an improvement :thup: