Wayne Smith...Good Luck, We'll Miss You


I have to say my jaw dropped when I read the news. You've always been a class act.

I met Wayne at the CFL Reebok jersey launch last year, we had a good time razzing John Avery.

What surprised me is the next time a saw Wayne was at a TiCat Fan's Fighting Cancer bracelet making party at Philthy's last year. Wayne remembered me and let the guys know what was going on. They all came over to get braceletts thanks to him.

Wayne's last game, he stood tall when his ankle was obviously killing him. I went down to the rail, Wayne looked over, I pounded my chest twice,looked at him and said "You can do this, Wayne"...he look am me with a stubborn pride and said "I'm not stoppin'!"

What can I say, we've lost a class act and tenacious football player. I'll be cheering him loud an proud when he visits.

Take care Wayne and the best of luck.

Good luck, Wayne. I'm very sorry to see you go. All the best.

If he indeed replaces Andrew Greene on the Riders O-line, I fully expect Wayne to emerge as a similar force on the Saskatchewan line for years to come. All the best!

Oski Wee Wee,

Yep this worst part of this deal..
Wayne is a Special Player..