Wayne Smith an Argo?

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Even if he felt under appreciated in Hamilton, to sign with the blew team..... :roll:

He wanted to stay close so he could still eat at Chuck's Burger Bar. :lol:

I say...GOOD FOR HIM. The Ticats offered him a restructured contract and he felt that he was worth what he had signed for, so they cut him when he said "no thanks".

Blue team...so what? He's still the same great guy...let's not lose sight of that.

Can't blame the guy for that...he knew he would find work locally and soon. :wink:

Your a good guy Woody :thup:

There's OB Trying to job another loyal veteran.
Draft em develop em and then shaft em. Or woo them here ride them hard for a year or two then dump em.
Good job OB pretty soon no one will want to sign with us.

What? Wayne Smith wants to start, So Obie released him because he couldn’t promise Wayne that he would be a starter. If anything Obie did him a favour.

My question on this is who our starters will be this year. I'm only seeing four on the current roster. Who am I missing?

Simmons, Dyakowski, Hage, O'Neil, Johnson.

As of right now, anyway.

I had forgotten about O'Neil. Thanks.

I agree totally... with woody and with HfxTC

Obie, in all likelihood passed on Wayne because of three issues;

1/ Numerous Injuries

2/ Age

3/ Salary

If Wayne can prove them wrong (Tiger Cats) good for him. If not, Obie is right on the ball.