Wayne Shaw

I was shocked to see that a friend and ex-teammate of mine, Wayne Shaw was let go by Hamilton? Unfortunately, I did not hear the reason as to why. Can someone, maybe in the Hamilton area lend some insight as to why he was let go?

The other 7 teams should be paying attention to that Free Agent …


he got burned a few times by the argos thats why

Yea, I just found an article that detailed the reasoning ... Wow - harsh.



I was shocked that he was invited back to camp this year.
Yeah, harsh, but reality.

Not just burned. He was in a postion, twice, to make a pick on a deep ball, or at the very least, a big hit, but didn't.

One was a huge interference call because he ran right over the receiver while looking back for the ball as if he had no idea who was where on the field. Brutal mistake. Should have been a pick. A play or two later he was burned for a TD.

Blew another long one where he was in the better postion to make a play on the ball, but missed the ball and the player and led to a 70 plus yard TD. Ecen Tony Miles said he saw him coming and thought he was going to crush him.

A horrible display of football. Frankly, I'm glad he's not playing for the Cats anymore.

Hope he has better luck elsewhere.

Lack of leadership skills in a young secondary is another reason according to the GM