you know what the cats should've done last night...
put a freakin' #1 jersey on that stinkin jackrabbit.

that little guy had some wheels,and probably more presence than shaw will ever have playing center-field,if you can't secure the jackrabbit's services,then put kari kari back there and you could even give him his #1 back. i think that shaw's head is weighing him down, he misses his boy kavis.

                  CITY LEGEND

Hey Ledgend,

Got to agree with you re: Shaw. The guy was our weakest player on the D last year and this year he's not letting us down. I've said before that he is not at all physical and he never breaks up any of the deep passes. Last year teams were killing us deep down the middle and Shaw was always too late arriving or he never showed up at all.
We got some hard nosed guys pushing him at safety......lets hope we start using Karikari, Beveridge, or Glavic. :cowboy:

we need to get a better saftey back there. he is never in the play and is only good at blitzing

Was Shaw in the lineup last night?
I couldn't recall his name being mentioned. :cowboy:

he did have 3 tackles..

Hmmmm.......three tackles.
Was he the guy who tried to lay a hit on the rabbit?
I'll tell ya....I don't know who was more afraid out on the field......Shaw or Jack Rabbit. :cowboy:

shaw should only be used on a special teams basis, maybe marcel can make a move and ship out brock ralph and wayne shaw for a young Canadian DB like the kid in Toronto.

The cats have great depth at free safety.. no need to trade.

I'm not sticking up for the bad job most of our DB's did but we did only give up 230 yeards in the air. not bad for a D loaded with rookies.

Moving Karikari to safety can potentially improve two positions, since I don't think he can stick with the slotbacks in this league as a halfback. Hopefully moving Bradley or Delgardo or some as-yet-unnamed import into that spot will make us better there.

Hey Jerk,

I was thinking the same thing. Karikari would be much more comfortable at FS than the halfback spot. He’d be a huge improvment over Shaw. I still really liked Tad Kornegay at the half, but with him gone maybe Bradley can play there.

any of our backups could play as well as shaw plays. kordic showed a lot of promise in pre-season.

cut shaw, play some youngin' at safety, start a young QB, and get rid of any dead weight vets that ruin the ship, the ship is sinking, so keep all the young cats on board.

As ridiculous as it may seem to many of you fans
the Cats hire professional coaches to select starters.

He has kept his position through 3 coaching regimes

It's a good thing for Wayne that fans don't select the starters

see..I'm not the only one that thinks Shaw is a useless pylon back there,,


well going 4-14 and 1-17 during the past few seasons, shows the coaches dont know whats going on. This is pro sports, loyalty goes out the window, its all about winning, and if shaw was so good, dont you think this team would have been a championship contender?

What I want to know is why are there so many people with a vendetta against Wayne Shaw. I know this will probably cause a flood of negative posts. But I really do want to know. Like I want someone to give me a valid example when Wayne played poorly for a prolonged period of time.

Sure he isn't the best free safety in the league, but he did go through the entire training camp getting scrutinized by an entirely new coaching staff with no ties to the roster, and there he is starting at free safety again.

So please, someone educate me. Politely.

  • paul

There are better players out there that can Catch, Cover and Hit better than Shaw.

I would rather see them move Renard Cox back to safety.

paul wanted examples of plays in which
Wayne didn’t Catch Cover and Hit, Crash

Does anyone have a specific example[s]
of Wayne’s Catch and Cover failings
even from Saturday’s game?

I’ve always chalked it up to the fact that he plays Hitchcock’s position. Shaw’s not the most aggressive defender I’ve ever seen, but I’ve never thought that he should be singled out by fans as often as he is. IMO it’s just hard to follow in the footsteps of a guy who defined the way this teams fans think the position should be played.