Wayne Shaw....yes again!!

I can pretty much guarantee that Shaw will be cut this week after being personally responsible for giving the Argos 14 points. I would be happy seeing Beveridge or Gauthier replace him. I actually think moving Karikari to safety from HB would be a mistake, because Karikari is doing very well at HB, in my opinion. Great pass coverage and excellent run support.

I think once our safety issue is resolved, our D wil be alright. Loescher and Bekasiak were beasts out there, our LB's are awesome, and we've got some great DB's. All we need is for the offence to get it's head out of it's ***.

Wayne Shaw single-handedly put the game out of reach last night with a very stupid interference penalty, and a complete miss of an interceptable ball which Miles caught for a TD. We have a recognised CFL free safety (Kari Kari), and a very competent experienced back -up in (Beveridge). I expect to see one of those two starting at safety next week

This by far is our most flagrant flaw.

It is also probably the easiest to fix.

I do not want to see him start on the defence again.

Shaw is really bad and I never really liked him. I never understood why they kept him on the team or why they would even play him.

Cats are vunerable deep. Have been for years. Maybe we need some talented players back there.

Shaw needs a compass and a seeing eye dog!

How about the rookie Db Delgarbo? He got beat all night, along with Shaw.

I certainly hope so. He's the Craig Yeast of 2006 and 2007.

That was the most pathetic display by a football player I've ever seen. Downright horrible.

Delgardo ws only playing because Cody was hurt. Look for that to change too...

On that one play, Shaw made 2 major mistakes:

  1. He didn't make what should have been a tackle. :thdn:
  2. He made this mistake in front of the Ticat bench. :thdn: :thdn:

The players were upset, to say the least, that he "missed" the tackle.
By messing up that play, he took the fans totally out of the game.

The safety has to make contact with either the man or the ball, preferably in that order. You must play to make contact with the receiver in that situation as you are the last line of defence.

I'm a fan, and I get this. LMAO

Totally agree with Shaw being gone. Not only did he give up the two plays you mentioned, but he was the one covering Talbot on the TD immediately after the interference penalty.
But I disagree with keeping Karikari at HB. He was beaten on the first TD this week and last week, plus he was the guy covering Bruce on Shaw's interference call. He'd be much better at safety.

My secondary:

CB: Gordon and Anderson or Young
HB: Cody and Bradley, Young, or Delgardo
S: Karikari

I didn't notice Delgardo getting obviously beaten as much as Karikari and Shaw last night, but it may have happened on underneath patterns where it's not as obvious who's covering who. But I'm willing to give a guy playing his first game a little bit more slack.

Bingo! We have the tools but don't know how to use them. Kari Kari should have been in there. Shaw is garbage and somebody needs to stand up and respect that fact.

I'll admit to being one of the few Shaw defenders on the basis that he's survived this long on the team and wasn't a glaring weakness.

But after last night's game, when the D was our only positive note, he opened my eyes to new worlds of poor play. He was baically invisible save for the moments when he was botching coverage or giving up long TDs.

Even if Beveridge or Gauthier are only as good as he is, it's still an improvement, they have potential. Shaw will only get worse.

im in the same boat, i supported him but.. after last night performance he looks lost cut him loose

Thing is, we have some talented DBs.

Shaw must show good at practice. How else does he end up starting under different coaches?

He's 33 years old, if he doesn't know how to play the game now, then he never will.

He just looks lost out there. Virtually never in the play. And when he was in the play twice, look what happened. Absolute disaster.

I rewatched the game and he was nowhere. It is time to say thank you and send another veteran packing.

Thank you Wayne!

Tell Grigg to pick him up on the way through! :wink:

I'm getting tired of checking the roster and transactions links every half hour to see if Shaw's been deleted, and still finding he hasn't been.

So can someone please call and let me know once that's happened? I have work to do.


I don't think he should be cut but he should at least be relegated to backup till he proves he can play again.

Trade him to Sask. :lol:

I hope Beveridge starts against Montreal. He actually smacks and tackles guys strait on. Most of Shaw's tackles are desperate leg grabs.