Wayne Shaw....yes again!!

Shaw...by far the worst safety in league..


I've stood by the guy, but tonight was pathetic. It's time...

NSK,,,you were the only fan he had left... :lol:
finally..you see what most of us see

Yeah, I was cutting him slack...but not anymore....SEE YA!

Its Beveridge Time

Beveridge did take Shaw’s place later in the game, perhaps a little later than he should have.

I certainly saw this thread coming after Miles got that TD.

Beverage - cool and refreshing

Actually I was thinking of this thread after the interference call and the touchdown after the call...
but I've been saying get rid of Shaw for atleast two years now.. :lol:

Correct me if im wrong but isn't Karikari an all-star safety????? Everyone else should be depth

He is but is being used at hb instead. Hope this changes soon.

Richard Karikari must start at safety next week.

Bring Sam Young in at CB.

Tay comes back at one DB slot. The other DB slot is a bit up in the air, but Shaw has to go.

Garney Henley with a blindfold on would make a better play than Shaw trying to...what was he trying to do???? LMAO

Seriously, I haven't seen a Madden DB type-move like that EVER by a supposed veteran.

Oski Wee Wee,

Agree 100%

next weeks secondary prediction
Safety = Karikari
HB = Cody
HB = Bradley if hes back
CB = Gordan
CB = Young

First of all I knew that someone was going to start a topic on him! Didn't he just stand out like a sore thumb tonight? what a joke!

On that long touchdown pass...WHAT ON EARTH did Shaw think he was gonna do? the guy he was hitting is prolly bigger than him and he hits him not only up high...but he didnt even make an attempt to wrap him! He thinks every player is a god damn quarterback and that he is going to knock them down with a 'big hit'! NOT! shaw is the worst safety in the league and im glad that he rode the flippin pine for the rest of the game after that!

he cost us two touchdowns in tonights game...the long touchdown and that flagrant pass interferance penalty! WTF was that he basically steam rolled that WR...now i know that some people are going to say he was looking at the ball...BAH he knew exactly where he was when he went crashing into him! A bullsht play because of a Bullsht player!

My Week 3 Prediction

Safety - Karikari
DB - Cody
DB - Young
CB - Anderson
CB - Gordon


If Bradley is Healthy.

Safety - Karikari
DB - Cody
DB - Bradley
CB - Young
CB - Gordon

Unemployment - Shaw

anyone know how serious cody is hurt? looking forward to seeing sam young back next week.
how did shaw survive cuts and morrelae and hitch didn't?

That’s what I would like to know. IMHO, Shaw is a waste of a paycheque. I hold him responsible for 2.5 TDs.

  1. The one he tried to hit a receiver rather than tackle him.
  2. The one he had an interference call on.
    2.5 The one where he was nowhere to be seen helping out the CB.

THE most useless “player” on the team.

RFTT - there is NO WAY you can defend him on this one…

I think it might have been the first time Chris Walby and I ever agreed on anything. After the long Miles touchdown Walby says this as we watch the play in slow motion: "when you are coming across from the safety position you either play the ball or the man and Shaw picks.....neither."

I agree, Shaw has always been a weak link in our Defence. You need someone who can hit (Remember Hitchcock in his best years??) This guy CANT HIT AND CANT COVER. He is alway 10 - 15 yards out of the play. CUT HIM :twisted: