Wayne Shaw released

Argos released him yesterday. At his age and after 10 years in the CFL, I guess this is the end of the line for Shaw.

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The Count waits for the calls to bring him to Hamilton...


8) Ohh, give it a few hours Count. I am pretty sure that will happen. It always does !!! :roll:

Never in a million years. Worst defensive player on our team for over 10 years. He only stayed because of his birth certificate. Reminds me of #19...

i cant belive he even lasted this long with the argos

Which shows how poor a defensive team they have become when not even Wayne Shaw can stick with them.

If we brought him in that would be scraping the bottom of the barrel, picking up an ---- reject.

On the other hand, Sandy Beveridge has been more than an adequate backup for Glasper at free safety, and he plays the nickel/dime/6 DB on sure passing downs.

That doesn't make any sense. Cutting a poor player doesn't mean that the defense is so bad. A poor player could be cut from a great team. A poor players sticking with the unit would be evidence of a bad defense. Bringing him in would be evidence of how desperate we are. On the other hand if he was a great player and got cut, it would be supportive of how good their defense is, but it doesn't work the other way around.

yawnnnnnnnnnnnn :roll:

I don't think the Argos signed Wayne Shaw with the idea of him actually seeing much playing time except on special teams. He was better then average covering punts.
With Chris Hardy coming off the injured list he becomes expendable. For now.

Where he is constantly out of position and is constantly getting beat.

we have not had good Safety Since Hitch