Wayne Gretzky comes out in support of Riders!

C.P.- Ex-Hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky, has come out in support of the Saskatchewan Roughriders following their impressive victory this past weekend. Gretzky commented, " I know a winner when I see one!" This follows his announcement supporting Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the Canadian Federal Election.

still waiting for the punch line :slight_smile:


The "Great One" is quickly becoming the "Grate One"......

You at least could have used a legit Riders jersey not some Hockey jersey

TRAITOR! We cheered for you in Hamilton! We loved you when you won the Canada Cup on our ice, and this is how to return the favour! Unbelievable!

I just want to be sure...
You guys aren't taking turkeybend's post seriously are you?
There's no link to any story. He just typed out a post.

Just checking. :roll:

And where would one find a SR jersey with Gretz on it ?

This was good enough.

Well, If you searched for a story, then you must have taken it for real eh :slight_smile: ?

If so, it makes me feel good. I fell into one of Turks traps ONCE. :wink:


bobo could do it.

sure wish I knew how he do what he do

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

With two big wins this year someone has to support the riders???

Apparently he thought Ottawa was still called the Riders.