Way too many men on the field.

I don't know why I'm curious about this but i've seen it forever and figured someone with rulebook knowledge might know.

I've never seen it called or want it to be but I was wondering if there's any 13 men kinda rule about coaches and players along the sideline coming into the field, say when there trying to get a better angle on a goalline play, happens all the time and I don't think it should be called just wondering if it says in any rulebook.

There is a rule Roc Rock:

From the CFL Rule Book:

Article 1 – Bench Area
The team bench area shall be a rectangular area situated not closer to the Sideline
than 6 feet and extending for a distance of 30 yards parallel to the Sideline. During
a game, the area may be occupied only by substitute players in uniform and other
accredited persons including coaches, doctors, trainers, equipment assistants and
water carriers. All such personnel are required to remain within the rectangular area
with the exception of the coaches, who may take positions between the bench area
and the Sideline. The coaches shall not be permitted on the playing field at any time
during the game, except with the permission of the Referee.

From the rule book:

SECTION 12 – OTHER PERSONNEL Article 1 – Team Personnel If a person entitled to be in a team bench area (i.e. a substitute player in uniform or one of the other accredited persons) interferes with the play in progress, that team shall be subject to penalty
The players entering the field away from the play aren't interfering with it, so no penalty. At least, that's how I see it.

So between these two rules, it sounds like there is some "referee's discretion" going on.

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I would think that under Rule 11-1, a 10 yard penalty could probably be called on every single play of every game. The officials obviously ignore the rule and would only enforce it if a 13th man interfered with the play or maybe in retaliation to a coach or other bench area personnel verbally getting on their case over something.

I wonder if it's one of those things that the refs wouldn't call unless someone complained about it, could be useful, say when one team is lining up for a long field goal at the end of a game and a defensive players notices it and tells a ref who then is forced to comply with the rulebook and back the kicking team up. Would piss everyone off and ruin all future games but it could help win that one.

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