Way to go TSN.ca...

Dominique Dorsey returned a kickoff 97 yards for a touchdown while Kenny Wheaton took an interception 84 yards for a TD as the Toronto Argonauts held a 31-16 win over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers on Sunday afternoon.


Apparently games only last 59 minutes now. :roll:

Quit your friggen whining for crying out loud!... so what you lost... by 1 or 50 doesnt really matter does it??


you're whining about TSN not posting the last minute score to make it 31-23 a loss is a loss.. man even I (Ticat fan) know that

It’s not whining, it’s pointing out that a professional sports website made a statistical error.

I never said it wasn't a loss. I merely found it amusing because someone on the TSN staff obviously wanted to get home early today. Go troll elsewhere please.

Go troll elsewhere please
Funnny I was gonna say the very same thing to you.. so what TSN made a mistake.. is it the fist one?? NO.. will it be the last one??.. NO

Acually halfthedistance if you lose by 1 you might have to make some minor adjustments to your team but if you lose by fifty like you would be used to you got bigger problems

The Ticats have never lost by 50 this year. There worst loss was 34-4 just two games ago against Winnipeg. In fact most of Hamilton's losses have not been blow outs even though the score appears that way sometimes. You actually need to watch the games to know the true story. And by the way, I am a Winnipeg fan so don't say I am some Hamilton homer.

And another thing, Calgary, Saskatchewan, Edmonton and Montreal have had games this season where they were outscored by a worse margin than the Hamilton game I mentioned.

Ah but Hamitlon has losing a game as an art form! They are good at it. Oh just to save you the trouble yes they beat the Stamps on Saturday!

Still bitter huh?

NO not at all I got over it. Time to move on. I did congratulate your team in its win did I not does not seem like I was bitter. That was an embarassing loss and costly no doubt about it. I wish your team luck in future games.

oh ok 30 points so you dont do anything
I must have been fooled by the TigerCat logo and the Printers thing and that it also says go cats go. Im just defending the other guy get a grip Half the distance


By the way I think the Stamps were using the Tigercat play book no wonder we :lol: :lol: :lol: lost. Good game for your team yopu have to like that.