Way to go Riders!

Todays hiring of Gary Etcheverry just made our defense a lot more intense. I can't wait to see Lloyd and the crew this year with as intense a coach as Etch' motivating them. Look out opposing QB's and RB's! There is big time continuity here, so I don't doubt he'll step in and have an immediate impact on the D. This also gives Ritchie Hall some much needed time to work with the secondary and mold their raw individual athleticism, into one of the best units in the league. The big question for anyone familiar with Gary is, where has his long time bosom buddy and pal Bill Dole surfaced? LOL! He can't be far behind! Congrats Gary and I'm looking forward to touching base once again.


It is a good signing. Gary is a good coach. His defences are a little wacky, but he won't be in charge anyway. Interesting turn of events though. The student has surpassed the master.

I'd pull some wacky Star Wars reference out but for fear of sounding too nerdy.


I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Go away.

I am sure the Rider defence will have the motto "do or do not" this year....

As long as Ritchie and Gary don't have to duel for supremacy, we should be fine....though having someone available to whisper in Marcus' ear, "use the force, Marcus" might come in handy.....

I can't see a conflict occurring between the boys. They've got too much work to do to have a power struggle.


well I hope any whispers are coming for our O coaches, we do not want to many cooks..

Suddenly we are serious?
No power struggle here.
Move along.


Be gone, troll!




We all know you look more like this...