Way to Go Jamie

Marshall was canned (partly) due to letting Jamie continue to kick despite being awful.

Methinks Jamie's collar just got a little tighter yesterday.

I would agree. I hope he can pull through, but even I get antsy watching him get ready to make a kick at this point. Inside the 40 in good weather conditions needs to be pretty close to automatic, IMHO.

Oski Wee Wee,

Jamies kicking contributed directly to one loss in Calgary. Everybody is blaming him alone? An offense that cannot score TDs, a secondary that allowed the Stamps to move the ball 38 yards downfield in 12 seconds with the game on the line. Self defeating penalties. Offensive halftime adjustments?? A running game??? Ball control play execution :o He does not make me nervous at all when he lines up to kick. I see a strong leg that always gives a shot to make it. Watch him in practice or pregame, he has great ability and has performed consistanly with the exception of 2 games. I think he is the best kicker on the team and certainly would be looking to replace Mr. Fleming first.

Again, the move to Kevin Eakin as holder is already making a difference as Jamie is stroking the ball much better.

And having Bernie Ruoff back in the mix (apparantly) is very wise. Even Tiger Woods in golf has people in the background analyzing film and correcting little things constantly to keep him on track.

I'm not nervous watching Jamie at all. He's never going to get them all....no-one does and his only miss last week was from 47...a risky venture for every kicker. Sometimes you can nail it and sometimes you can't.

His over-all kicking game is getting back on-track I believe.

boreham is being 100,000 dollars!! he is not being paid this amount of money to "gives a shot to make it"...he is paid to make it!! he is not paid to kick 3 pointers in practice and pre-game....he is paid to kick 3 pointers in games....of which is not!! according to mikey.....boreham only like to be involved in low risk ventures....if so, get a job with the government!! either way, lancaster will can boreham quicker than marshall was shown the door

How do you know how much he`s getting paid ?

Geex footballfan138 you are one uptight guy and VERY misinformed! If Jaimie B is getting paid $100,000 I'm sure it's news to him. Don't go shooting your mouth off before you check your facts. Oh, and by the way, maybe YOU should try lining up from 47 yards (which actually means a 54 yard kick) and try kicking the ball through what looks like a couple of matchsticks from that far out and in the face of onrushing defensive players. As the old saying goes "Until you've walked a mile in someone else's shoes etc."

Don't go shooting your mouth off before you check your facts. Oh, and by the way, maybe YOU should try lining up from 47 yards (which actually means a 54 yard kick)
Funny you talk about facts, well a 47 yard field goal is placed on the 47 yard line and is kicked 47 yards... so he missed from... 47 yards out.

Also, why would any of us try to kick from 47 yards? It isnt my job? Just like if Jamie came and tried to do my job or someone else's he'd fail at that. Difference is I know how to do MY job.

In the past week or so Mike Hogan, Jim Lang , Glen Suitor, Chris Cuthbert and Chris Shultz have all called into question Boreham's professional credentials.

But the only opinion that matters is that of Greg..... Oh..... I forgot ... Well in that case perhaps we COULD see improvement or change.

So he made a few. He never makes it easy and he is never a picture of consitency. GET SOMEONE NEW IN HERE

After going four for five on placements Thursday night the Ticats have apparently decided Jamie Boreham is their guy. Hamilton released American place-kicker Jonathan Ruffin Tuesday. Also let go were Canadian defensive end Shawn Mayne, import defensive end Claude Sanders and Canadian fullback Gilles Lezi, who the club selected in the Ottawa dispersal draft.
from this morning's Halifax Chronicle-Herald http://thechronicleherald.ca/Sports/515661.html

How bad a kicker do you have to be to lose out to a guy who has a barely 60% efficiency?

Maybe he got tired of having to sit around and wait for a chance to start.

The search goes on....

The search should be a never ending process to upgrade talent at every position and increase team depth.