Way to Go Jamie

I'm glad Boreham had a good game but he still can't be relied upon in the crunch especially if it's a long one which they often are when the last drive of the game stalls. He's good but not good enough. He has to improve on his range. Inside the 40 isn't good enough.

An Argo fan

im with you... u get paid to make feild goals.. make them.. u cant miss feild goals! marshal didnt let him kick past 40 yards at one point.. and when he did he missed.. he cant hit from 40 + yards.. brutal

I agree 100% on this motion.

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Boy, this thread took a turn from where it started out. :lol:

I believe in Jamie Boreham! He has a powerful leg and strokes (usually)with a solid ball flight. All kickers have slumps and go from goat to hero to goat. The PK position is so far down on the problem(s) list for the current woes. Not trying that field goal was a poor coaching decision. You must believe in your guys or they should not be dressed.

You must believe in your guys or they should not be dressed.
I think that's our point. No one on the team (even Marshall), or we fans for that matter....believe in him.

Let's change this up a little, Fleming punted 6 times for a 35 yard average in Montreal. Does anyone want to yell for his head to be served on a platter?

I'd like to know his "net" yardage...punting yards versus return yards against. That stat impresses me way more.

Plus...Fleming had to punt from the Als 40 yard line due to a lack of confidence in Jamie. He was angling punts to the sidelines all night...and very well too I might add.

Thanks for doing your Job Jamie.Maybe one day you will be able to kick a field goal over 35 yds.

Heads on a platter would make a banquet.
May the car horns blow Friday night about 10:30.

In 2000, Ozzie made ALL regular season field goals inside the 41 yard line. I think he is the ONLY one ever to do it. Ozzie was a great player for many years…very few people could live up to his tremendous accomplishments. However, Boreham is still a fine kicker. He did make a 47 yarder to get us into the playoffs in '04. That was a defining moment.

ya well making a field goal in 04 doesnt win us games in 06.Sports is about what you do today not what you did yesterday.Hes not even an average kicker,we need consistency and he doesnt give us that,so hopefully the door doesnt hit him in the butt when he is finally released.You no Lancaster wont put up with his inability to kick a field goal over 30yds.

I agree 100%, even with the 4/5 game he still has one of the lowest averages in the league.


i dont know about the rest of you, but i was pretty bloody nervous when he lined up for that one from 21 yards out....

i shouldn't be nervous when our kicker is going from 21 yards out!

Im nervous every single time he he lines one out. Why? Cause they are all adventures.

26, 36, 35, 52, 43 and 30

Do you know what those are?

Not Lottery numbers, but Sandro DeAngelis' FG's MADE the other night. 6 of them and look at those distances. From all over the field.


End of Story.

Sorry, Boreham has had his chances. He just does not have the talent to be a professional kicker. Even the ones he makes look difficult. He rarely hits the ball square.

Give him 2 more games, with Eakin as his holder he will do better. Just watch.


Jamie should have gone with the coach who never replaced him after the last years of poor kicking.