Way to Go Jamie

So glad to see Jamie bounce back…4 of 5 field goals…let’s see that’s 80% by my calculations. I thinks that shows pretty good intestinal fortitude. And STILL only one touchdown in 10 quarters of play. Hmmm…I wonder where the problem lies!

Two offensive touchdowns (one by Radlein in Calgary, one by Ranek tonight)...I would attach the plural to the word "problem" and go from there...there is plenty to fix. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I also think that was a gutsy performance by Boreham......

His kick-offs were strong as usual, and the only field goal he missed was a long one (47 yards) and didn't miss by much.

I noticed a big difference in the way he was stroking the ball as he seemed to be getting under it nicely. Perhaps having Eakin as a holder now is making a difference. And I also see Ruoff's influence showing again as it did last year.

Having just spent probably the worst week in his career with so many fingers pointing at him as if everything was his fault, the rest of the players should now look to him as a source of inspiration. Boreham clearly reached down deep and focused on what he had to do for the team anbd held his head high at all times.

Sure, no kicker will ever go 100% but I have a feeling he's finding the groove again.

I hope that Eakin is now his permanent holder as he seems to do it perfectly for Boreham.


Sorry to rain on the parade, but he still can't put one through from beyond the 40 yard line.

Let's see someone else get a shot, I don't think Boreham is a CFL calibre kicker.

Boreham looked very good but then we are talking from 40 yards in. If you can't make some 40+ yarders at this level, well, you don't deserve to be a kicker in the CFL, this isn't high school football. If I was a coach, I would have hardly no confidence he could make anything past 40 yards and this will translate into more loses for the team. But, as mentioned, only one problem, inability of this team to put the ball in the end zone is a much bigger problem.

Man, to think we had Calvillo at one time. How could we have let this guy go?

When your coach elects to punt from 44 yards out rather than risk a field goal attempt you'd better start checking the want ads!

For sure ruff.

c'mon....he missed a 47 yarder....he hit a 32 yarder......the other three were gimme's.....high school players can hit 13, 17 and 21 yarders....IN MY BOOK THAT IS 50%....believe me!! he will break your ticat hearts in the future....when the chips are down he will fail!!

mikey!! are you nuts?? boreham is not an inspirational player nor is he a team player....boreham is about stats....HIS STATS!! who on this team....coaches or otherwise are going to look to boreham to lead them to the promised land??....BUZZER SOUNDING.....answer?? NOBODY!!

I think the punt instead of a 44 yard attempt basically said "Jamie hit some kick-offs and extra points and anything else we will punt"
I would be SHOCKED to not have Ruffin in for the next game


he will break your ticat hearts in the future....when the chips are down he will fail!!
That is my biggest fear. And maybe coach Marshall's too, since he elected to punt from the 44.

I bet you used a calculator for that!

4 FG's inside of 25 yards and we're supposed to be happy?

The only think im happy about is the fact that he didnt miss them.

We should have tried a 43 yarder and we didnt... meaning Marshall still has no faith, then when he lets him try the long one he misses, big surprise.

Yawn & not impressed as his kicks were all within the 30 yrd line.. Should be given's. With him, like the announcer said i'm always on the endge of my seat hoping for an offside call against the defending team when boreham comes in to kick cause you never know, especially after he's already missed an 18 yarder this season.

The numbers don't lie:
Jamie's got a 38% avg YTD, which means he's in 7th place...check out the link.
He had better get his act together quick.

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=fbstats&func=kicking&year=2006]http://www.cfl.ca/index.php?module=fbst ... &year=2006[/url] :cowboy:

dude..thats average length..not a %

No one on the team has confidence in him. I think he needs to go. I mean punting when any other team in the league would be kicking field goals. He has too go there is no if ands or buts on that.

all 4 of them were chip shots he still cant make one from 40 yards out! :slight_smile: