way to go esks

as a rider fan I probably shouldn’t do this but way to take the swager out of the lions tonight I really hope they end up in fourth in the west right where they deserve to be :rockin:

As do I. I would also love it if we could sweep this home-and-home. :smiley:

I think Calgary deserves to be in last place more. With any luck, Saskatchewan knocks the stuffing out of them in time for the turkey dinner.

If Ricky Ray can continue to disect our secondary like last night you’ll get a sweep. :frowning: :frowning:

Congrasts to Edmonton on a well played game. Your defense forced a bunch of turnovers, and Ray had his way with our secondary.

Eskies executed, Lions didn’t. Can’t sum it up much more than that.

The Esks played one of their best games so far this yea,r I just hope they can elevate it even more for this Friday at Commonwealth I'm sure the Lions will be at their best after this weeks showing .