Way to go Corey

Wow outstanding player AND Special teams player of the year for the west division.

He won't win the MOP because of Allen getting the pity votes, along with the votes that he deserves, which will add up to more then Holmes will get.
But there is no way that he shouldn't get Special Teams winner

holmes is a great player .i hope he stayes in sask for a long time.he has the ability to make big plays when we need them the most.good luck to holmes in montreal.go riders go

Man.....a Holmes/Dominguez duo.....how fun would that be to watch when both are healthy?

when our team is healthy they will be hard to beat.i hope matt will have a chance to play in the playoffs.i thin he wold lift the team all the way to the gc.good luck riders

I was glad when Holmes was anounced as the starting RB for the game sunday.Not that I don't like KK, but Corey is one of those guys that you know he is going to give 110% everytime the ball is snapped. It also might have been a bit of a distraction if KK would have came back as Holmes started in BC too.