Way to Cheese Off Fans for NO Good Reason

Sigh...... because I'm foolish enough to reply.

  1. Billy - Please read my post. I noted that it was a small thing but an unfortunate thing. When I write, I write with nuance. This is sometimes missed in a quick read.

  2. Mikem - "cheesed off" is obviously an expression with which you are unfamiliar. An internet search for definition would have led you to any number of sites containing information such as the following from Mirriam-Webster online,
    cheesed off
    adjective : angry or annoyed

    Full Definition of CHEESED OFF

    chiefly British
    : angry, irritated
    See cheesed off defined for English-language learners »

Examples of CHEESED OFF

feeling a bit cheesed off
<I was really cheesed off that they made me go to the back of the queue.>

origin unknown
First Known Use: 1942[/i]

P.S. Bob-
Thanks for commenting. It was a small thing but the lousy weather (cold and damp) magnified it in the minds of those caught in the line and then denied their hoped for warmth and succor. Ain't it always the way that something planned as a nice thing can get messed up or misunderstood? :wink: Life is grand but it's sometimes bothersome as well. Cheers!

ONLY ONE CUP PER PERSON ALLOWED!!! :smiley: :lol: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :cowboy:

Lack of water...we are Canadian, we are resourceful!
Either bring more water orrrr it's time to get the heated water hoses fired up and ran from the main grandstand out the door to the Timmy's/Bailey's tent!
I'm just sayin'!

Please Bob, make sure there is some on both sides of the field! Being in Section 107 makes it nearly impossible to get to the other side of the field and back in time for the game to resume.

the 2 problems i saw was long lineups at only 1 tent and people walking away with up to 4 coffees.

easy solution, have a tent behind the west grandstands AND 1 behind the endzone. limit it to 2 coffees per person at one time. i think it's fair that for every 2 people, 1 of them can do a coffee run. earlier in the year they took donations for the free coffee, in which they donated it somewhere. i don't know if they did that this past week but i think it's a great idea.

I didn’t get any of that from the OP

No where did I read that he was upset that he did not get a coffee for himself.

It sounded more like concern for others that were called over to the other side of the stadium on false pretenses, and also concern for any resultant ill will generated by the Tiger-Cats because of it.

He said “very small beef”, not “upset”

And again he seemed more concerned for other fans that were let down ( who knows how much of the game they missed because of this), and also concerned that the Tiger-Cat organization does not get a bad rap, and brought it to their attention to help prevent a re-occurrence.

To me he came across as respectful, and intending to help.

Everyone is making do with the experiment of Guelph. I am glad the Univ.of Guelph is the benefit of 2013 and TiCat fans are ok with this year. It's about compromise and that is the Canadian way.

All the best to McMaster and Westdale, I'm sure they are all happy there in west Hamilton. They got what they wished for, I guess. Couldn't accomodate the Ticats due to the hospital. I get that and totally respect that as they indicated.

Coffee? I thought this thread would be about the poutine truck at Alumni Stadium.

The porta potty line-ups are bad enough without coffee addicts.

Since Tim Horton's is the sponsor of the new place I'm guessing there will be lots of coffee next year. We're all making a sacrifice this year...some more than others (ex: Caretaker).

I still think the Rim is the best moniker for the new stadium as in roll up the rim to win and or the Cats roll or rolled up a win at the rim but hey what a win on Saturday and I don't drink coffee and couldn't go to the game but watched it. A classic win and great game for the Cats and for the CFL for that matter.



"...I write with nuance." Please tell me what is nuanced about the title of the thread or any of the content. Do you think that adding a :slight_smile: at the end of a sentence is an example of the use of nuance? Please. A win in the most important game of the year and you decided it would be better to complain about something. If not getting a free coffee and actually having to move around to attempt to get that free coffee are troubling enough to you to come on to a forum board and make a complaint, you should learn to relax. Did you pick up that nuance?

When I used to be able to get to Ivor Wynne, I would buy my beer and hot dog before the game, sit through the warm up, and then not move for the entire game, would rarely venture down during half time knowing how busy it would be down there.

I went to some cold and snowy games, but even free coffee would not get me to move. I didn't want to miss a single play.

But, that's just me......

I thought he was quite relaxed and showed some concern for some fans who might have been turned off by the organization's little goof, and concern for the organization getting some ill will.

Not sure why you feel he shouldn't post something that he/she wants. It is Tiger-Cat related, and it is common for the Tiger-Cats to solicit such feedback.

There are many, many posts about the big win. AFAIK, people are free to express and post whatever they want as long as they follow the guidelines.

And Caretaker has chimed in with the coffee hiccup.


Yes, I did. Thank you.
We just disagree.
But sincerely, all the best.

In the interest of being helpful to Bob (Caretaker) since I have not yet seen it posted in this thread; check in with several of the Ti-Cat alumni who are now owners and investors in Tim Horton's! I am certain they would find a solution to the lack of hot water - perhaps the portable franchise trailers that are parked out front of any Timmy's when it it being renovated? I would think they'd come with a water supply?

There are also enough alumni involved in Timmy's that they could likely arrange two such trailers on each side of the field - long line-ups in the cold, after a season long wait for Tim's - not a good thing (being gently funny here, Bob, you admitted you learned the lesson in your post).

And yes, Bailey's trucks, please, side by side! :thup: :thup:

And the Tim Horton's - Ti-Cats - Alumni at a playoff game, serving to, and mingling with, the fans, what a great atmosphere-enhancer and lead-in to next season at Tim Horton's Field on the site of Ivor Wynne Stadium.

A Timmy's with Baileys to ya, Caretaker! :rockin: