Way to Cheese Off Fans for NO Good Reason

Okay, bit of a whine here but also a legit (but very small) beef.

  1. All year no coffee at the stadium.
  2. Today there's coffee.
  3. Today the coffee is free.
  4. The announcer tells of the free coffee and invites everyone to come warm up.
  5. The free coffee is only on one side of the stadium (and away from the bulk of fans).
  6. Fans from the far side of the stadium run over, get in line and wait, and then get told to go away because there isn't enough.

Just bad planning. The good will gained on behalf of one group is more than cancelled by the ill will generated in the other group.

Just who was in charge of this?
In fact, who was in charge of coffee all year???????

MUST have coffee. :slight_smile:

Interesting but fair beef...

A mentioned in another thread about THF, will fans who bring Tim Horton's coffee on cold rainy days to THF will they be turned away?

Next year, at the Mug (my name for THF), I'm sure there will be MORE than enough coffee for everyone...

...perhaps piped into the visitor's shower pipes (ice cold, of course)...

then i dont feel so bad for sneaking in a lil warmer off my own today

How about "The Drive-Thru"?

Next year you will have hot coffee flowing from taps! Everywhere ! :wink:

Because I also need my coffee and haven't been able to get any all season in Guelph I was going to post something along the lines of agreeing with you - but then I realized the buck stops with me.
I'll make sure there is lots of coffee at the Playoff game on the 10th. Sorry for the failure to provide coffee this year. But as others have suggested - there will be lots of coffee at Tim Hortons Field!

Cheers, Bob.

Bob here’s an even better idea.
Have Tim Horton’s tents set up on either side with a Bailey’s Irish Creme booth as their neighbour.
Hot Ticat Timmy Toddies at a playoff game is a good thing!


I walked by the coffee line-up at half-time and had to laugh - it looked like about eight hundred people in line, waiting for two coffee dispensers. Makes the morning line-up at my local Tims look utterly tiny! I have nothing but praise for the people who made this year at Alumni Stadium happen, creating a CFL game-day atmosphere in the middle of what is essentially a university parking lot, and I've seen the hospitality folks lugging huge trays of food up the staircases and across the temporary grandstands of the east side to make everything work. I'm willing to give them a pass on the lack of java this year.

However, if the Caretaker is serious about the playoff game, he could give this guy a call, maybe TH could make a deal to show up in Guelph for November 10th - not much chance of running out!

The problem is the lack of water supply to the concessions at the stadium.

So this may in fact be the answer for the Playoff game on the 10th. (Assuming you get your tickets soon!)


Can we not just run a long hose to the Guelph water tower??? LOL!!!!!

I enjoyed my first experience at Guelph coming from Montreal. Seems we enjoyed it so much we had come back for seconds. It's a long way's way but if Accuweather is correct 8 degrees would be ideal for a november 10 game.

Ummm... Let me get this straight. The Cats just won the most important game of the season so far, in an exciting fashion, and are ensured a home playoff game, and you're upset that you didn't get a free coffee? Unreal.

Well coffee or no coffee, man, wish I had of been there yesterday, what a game and the weather was ok for the most part it seemed except for a few periods of rain. But between the wife as I mentioned and that we are in the middle of having a reno done in the bedroom and need to do some drywall stuff to get ready for a contractor tomorrow, well, it was a busy day for us. But watched the game on PVR last night, heck of a comeback by the Cats.

The Mug, liking that name Discplaced! :thup:

You certainly weren't at the game then, it was a great game but "wet and flippin' cold" is a more accurate description of the weather then "OK"! Not complaining - the fourth quarter (after quite a few folks had left) was the most electric the stadium has felt this season, coffee or no coffee!

Yes, it's ridiculous!! I don't get the thing about cheese either. :roll:
Was the cheese off too and no coffee??

But, I`m sure that the edginess and electricity that was felt in the crowd there was helped by the coffee that was served!!!! LOL!!

Thanks, Earl.