Way to blow it, idiots!

Leave it up to the Riders to blow a lead against a 4-9 football team! :x

this isn't the first time they've done something like that either...

whatever, :roll:

somehow this does NOT surprise me one bit!


Butler was mediocre, at best.....the second KJ went down, I said the Riders were done.....

EE came through when they needed to, and we didn't.....

You know what, it dosen't surprise me either the Riders lost this game, I would of put money down on this game that the Riders would lose this one. I mean the Eskimos were due for a win and it so happened that the Riderettes let them have it.

Yup! the Riders are the CFL's Charity team! you want a much needed Win? Call on the Roughriders!!

Living in Edmonton now I fully expected to go to a meaningless game on October 27th with the Riders in third and the Esks out of a play-off spot but it's starting to look like a game that's going to mean something. The Riders better sit at the drawing board and figure out how to win the games they are suppose to win.

Ahh, don't be so hard on them. They can sometimes beat the average teams.

What the hell you guys? They lost, so what? Move on. The only thing im gonna say about the the game was that there was some incrediblely bad officiating.

I dont know about mediocre...HE threw a touchdown to French that was called back..I think that cost us the game.... Rocky put us in positon to win ..we were 8 points up in the last 5 mins....Zero pash rush on Ray and our D falls asleep....

One other thing I been observing this year, we seem to be long bomb happy... especially on second on short.. late in the game we were second a 5 ...Rocky throws a bomb over the recievers head...punt... and the game is history. what happened to our ball control offense?

Anyway Same Old Rider choke, EE Defense played tough & deserved the win..

I am looking forward to Revenge in Commonwealth

OMG!!! i cant believe this :oops: :roll: :x :oops: :oops:

I agree that he put us in a position to win, but I also think he put us in a position to lose…2nd and 5 and he chucks it 30 yards…I spoke in a most unladylike manner following that play…

It just seemed to me that Butler went deep more than Joseph did - scratch that…TRIED to go deep…didn’t work all that well…

I'm afraid that the game at Commonwealth will decide who goes on in the playoffs and who goes to play golf in Arizona. No chance of a home playoff game this year, and a new coaching staff next year. Thanks for your service Danny; it won't be required next year! Unfortunate, but likely!

See, this is garbage. Now because the riders lost to the Eskimos, everyone is saying that the game in Edmonton is the game that will decide whether the riders r in the playoffs. THey will be fine... quit worrying

If the Riders want the Edmonton game to be meaningless , they need to beat the Als once and Edmonton has to lose both to the Argos. They had the chance to put away the esks and failed to do it. Riders still control their destiny, but now they need a little help from Pinball & company.

Its a classic symptom of a Barrett coached team....absolutely NO Killer instinct. up 14-0 we should have obliterated this team, but Joesph served up his usual plate of turnovers they get 10 points and back in the game.

My only comment I have to make after this game is such:

I find it sad how we can beat B.C. three times, but can't beat the lowly Eskimos.

Anyone agree?

As well, if we win out, and Calgary loses it's two Vs. B.C., we clinch a home playoff game.
What am I hoping for? A 10-8 record, something above .500 for once.

What a dissipointing game. The Riders had a chance to put away the Eskimos chances in the west and failed.

This team needs to find that Killer instinct and needs to turn their play up a couple of notches, especialy at the end of the season. Now because of a lack of intensity, and maybe some overconfidence the Riders have made it just that much more dificult in getting a home playoff game.

They had 2 touchdowns called back on penalties. This team needs to get motivated and pull out wins for the remainder of the season and also need a little help from other teams if they are to get a home playoff date.

They no longer have their own destiny in their own hands for a home playoff game.

Some things never change..lets hope they can back on track...really its gonna depend on Rocky.. MTL will be tough at home now they found a winning formula... I am expecting a Split in this series
So the remaining games against TO & Edm are critical

You know, sometimes I wonder what life as a Rider fan would be like if they lost in '89. The only thing this team is good for is getting your hopes up and then letting you down. Like that crazy uncle who dangles a five dollar bill over your head and then yanks it away before you grasp it. I image if that went on for 40 years we would have given up ages ago, but it has only been going on for 17 years so we keep trying.

Case in point, just when it looks like the season and all hope is lost, we beat BC for the third time. Then when people start saying "We should beat Edmonton" we don't. Is it coaching, players, the board, this province, the fans, fate, God, the Devil, the weather, the heat, the cold, whether or not I watch. Or is it this team has got such a tradition of losing (opposite to Edmonton's tradition of winning) they actually can't help but lose, despite the talent.

What bugs the crap out of me is how many passes KJ got batted down at the line of scrimage. That shouldn't happen to a QB that is as tall as he is. Last game it happened a lot as well so i was glad to see Rocky come in.

which game are we talkin about? the Edmonton game or the Montreal game :? i guess it dont really matter, they blew both games :oops: