Guys, I need your help with something that I'm curios abou, I applogies that it's not a football topic but I've googlede and got nothing.

Has there ever been a vote in Yukon over it becoming a province???

in return for the answer to that question, I tell you guys something abou Australia. The Northern Territory, which is right in the center of the country, had a vote in 2000 on becoming a state (they would become North Australia, I guess) but the majorily voted 'no' which is kinda stupid becase been a territory, they can't vote in national elections, they just vote and throw their ballot away. :roll:

I have never heard about it but to tell you the truth I could not tell you which is more advantageous, being a Provence or territory so I dont even know it they would want to.


Doubt their ever was.. Norhwest is far less organized then Yukon territory. I know of zero efforts to ever make the Northwest territory a province. In fact most of the historical talk was mainly about breaking up the northwest territory. In 1982 their was vote on dividing northwest into two different territories. It passed by a 56.5% vote. As a result in 1992 Northwest was split with a new territory of Nunavut created. As far as Yukon i never heard of any efforts their either.

Wasn't Nunavut created in '99?

I believe so, Canuck.

I hope that one day the Yukon and the Nortwest territories become provinces and Nunavut will become an autonomous provinceof the Frist Nations like I believe it's suppost to be. Greenland, I hope gets its independence form Denmark and becomes the frist and only Eskimo nation of the world.

but befor that, I believe that there will be another seccesion crisis in the NWT. If you think abou it, with the territories resoucres and Canada having the largest oil resivers outside of the Milldle East, Somebody gonna try to secede.

Dont forget about the diamonds KK.......they are realizing the north is a vast untapped cornucopia (thanksgiving humor) of resources.....

Courtesy wikipedia.....

"The major difference between a Canadian province and a territory is that a province is a creation of the Constitution Act, while a territory is created by federal law. Thus, the federal government has more direct control over the territories, while provincial governments have many more competences and rights.
Provinces have a great deal of power relative to the federal government, with jurisdiction over health care, education, welfare, transportation (intra-provincial), and the like. They receive "transfer payments" from the federal government to pay for these, as well as exacting their own taxes. The federal government, with its greater powers to tax and spend, can use these transfer payments to influence these provincial areas. For instance in order to receive health care funding under medicare, provinces must agree to meet certain federal mandates, such as universal access to required medical treatment."

**If I recall correctly from my political studies days in university, while provinces receive transfer payments, they are also responsible for more of their own improvements in various areas (roads, subsidised housing, etc.). Because even the largest territory has few people (think I read somewhere it's under 60,000), they would not have the necessary tax revenue coming in from their citizens in order to sustain this. It is beneficial for them to instead accept the more direct control the federal government assumes when dealing with a territory than become autonomous in this instance.

Ah but the big problem is the money to develop and the money they would have to pay back to succeed would be to costly. At this time they do not have the population base to become a province. Unless the Canadian government changes election rules they still would not benefit becoming a province.