Way off topic but.......

Do any ti-cat fans live in London, ON? If so, what is London like to live in? We are considering moving to London & would like to know about negatives. Please & thank you.

I used to live in London, and there really are no negatives. It's a very white collar town, but not snooty, and has a lot of great bars and restaurants. Also, there are a lot of great malls.

London is called the forest city, and for good reason. There are more trees than people there.

It's sort of like a larger Burlington.

I don't live in London, but used to go there frequently for business meetings when I was working. It always struck me as being a lot like Hamilton, but no 'mountain' of course, and a lot longer drive to go to the lake (Erie in their case). Older downtown, that was deteriorating, and a big central mall called the "Galleria". Lots of malls scattered around the outskirts, lots of hospitals, big university (Western, the home of Andy Fantuz and now Greg Marshall).

It also struck me as being a "wealthy" city. Big financial centre, London Life for one, and when I was going there, it still had the big Labatt's brewery. Lots of new sub-divisions around the outskirts, the houses in the city mostly older and dated. I found some of the people could be a little "stuffy" tended to look down their noses upon St Thomas and some of the surrounding towns. Maybe it is a big city thing - sort of like Toronto is to the smaller burgs around it. London is not far from Stratford, Strathroy, Woodstock, St Marys etc. Tended to be Detroit sports fans for hockey, football and baseball, due to proximity of Detroit.

As I say, I think you will find it a lot like Hamilton in structure, although maybe not as friendly. But then, maybe it is because I grew up near Hamilton, and am more familiar with it than with London? Maybe spend a week-end or two on a mini vacation and explore the city before you take the plunge?