Waud leaves Redskins for Argo's

Waud was one of 4 CFL draft picks to have signed an NFL contract. The only one of a bundle of players that attended rookie mini camps for NFL teams to do so post the CFL draft.
Just 5 or so years ago when the NFL really started scouting CIS Canadian players if you got a contract you went there was no question.
Bidding to get to the end of a full NFL TC and at the very least sign onto a practice roster was the way to go for players. If that did not happen then returning mid season to your draft team was where you went.

NFL began its big focus and a pretty good pay day for the now 320 PR spots in the league. Then TCs got expanded to 90.

Now it seems it depends on where a player feels he is fitting into that NFL team. Is he just a camp body or does he have a legit chance now to grab a Practice roster spot or better.

Over the last 2 off season's seeing 3 players. Muamba 2014. 2015 Heenan and Jones not with NFL interest really coming into their draft year. quickly become top players and then join the many imports that spend 2-3 CFL seasons playing at the top level getting the NFLs interest.

In 2013 Matt Sewell left the Titans to return to finish his degree/certification program then onto the Argo's for 2014 rookie year.
Matt O'Donnel went right to the NFL filling a year or so on Prctice roster and Training camps. Returned mid season to EDM. 2013 became their top Oline nominee and now in 2015 he has re signed with NFL Bengals.

I have to wonder about the untold story on this one.

The Redskins' organization has had a reputation of being operated by a bunch of jerks, much like their hated owner Dan Snyder by even the locals there, for a long time like a few other NFL teams.

We'll probably never know.

I would not doubt it. That after he signed they implied or he got the vibe or whatever. That he was there to be a camp body.