Drew Edwards tweets Spencer Watt tore his Achilles will miss the entire season


Woodson been taking reps at sb Cats could be hoping he can fill in for Spencer

Good point, Woodson played SB for the Arblows last year when Durie broke his Clavicle.

Bad news, time for Matt Coates to step up.

Woodson may just become a solid SB. He has been injured most of his career starting with his SR season for the Dino's. Last season though he was healthy and Milanovich did have him make the move to SB similar to how Durie started out.

Heard rumour over a month ago he blew achilles playing basketball not a "training incident". Reasonable to assume it was kept secret until it was clear it couldnt be healed anytime soon.

And then they decided to announce it 10 min. after the Gaydosh news?
That is some very strange timing.

I feel bad for Watt and Gaydosh and wish then well in their recovery.
My question now is will their salary's count against the Salary Cap.
Hoping they both make a full recovery.

If they are on the 9 game then they don't count against the cap

With Watt out, I think the Ticats will pick the best receiver available first in the draft (to solidify the CanCon behind Fantuz), but will probably then take the best LB after that (to back up Plesius, who, IMO, they will now start as a national instead of starting a second national receiver). Byron Archambault would be Steinauer's first choice in that regard, I bet.

The need to draft an O-Lineman high is not great now, knowing that a few of the national D-Linemen are being converted to O-Linemen by the coaching staff.

Injuries stink, but at least it happened early, so the Ticats can plug those holes to a certain extent via the draft.

Bad luck when they go after Watt through free agency as a replacement for Giguere. I don't think they are going to get any starting receivers out of the Canadian draft.
It's likely they will trade for a Canadian receiver. I'm thinking Robb Bagg or Getzlaf in Saskatchewan for Mosus Modu or Grigsby

I'm going to say it, but Austin made a HUGE mistake by not re-signing Giguere. Now, they may have to go to two this:

OL: O'Neill, Filer, Dyakowski
Rec: Fantuz (Woodson)
DL: Bulke, Laurent
DB: Stephen

They can play Hall at DT if the play Woodson at SB. Right now, we have NO competent Nat backup receivers. Watching Aprile and Coates last year, they are ST players at best. I just looked up Coates' stats, and for the entire time Fantuz was injured (Giguere was playing SB, and Coates was playing WR) he caught an amazing 2 passes for 25yds. Aprile is more known for his hair that contributing as a pass-catcher.

My sincere belief is that this year, Austin should break from his mold of drafting the best player available, to drafting for his need; which, in this case, is Receiver.

You think they will get a starting Canadian receiver for an import running back LMAO!

It's a 6-Game IR now.

They'll have a few choices/options. If they put on 6 game IR and extend twice, then their salary won't count against the cap.

They can also place on the disabled list in which they pay a minimum or % portion of their contract yet retain their rights when they are physically able to play.

Some of this will get settled out behind closed doors. As in, if the rumour is that Watt injured himself playing basketball, there will be discussions and perhaps use of the disabled list and such.

With Gaydosh, the interesting thing is that he is to become a FA next year anyways. Do you want to retain his rights? Is it worth paying to retain his rights? If he was destined to head out west of try NFL again after this year anyways, there's not a lot of sense in paying to retain his rights.

You can find a bunch of the info on this stuff here: http://media.cfldb.ca/documents/cfl-cfl ... t-2014.pdf

It's down in the appendices in the Standard Contracts. Paragraph 21 I believe. I've read it and tried to figure it out but I'm still not 100% sure.

And I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night!!! :smiley:

Much of this gets sorted out when they report to training camp and go through medicals.

Dave Stala's available. :slight_smile:
You can get him for cheap.

I was waiting for that to be mentioned! I was actually going to put out a warning that if anyone mentions Stala that I'd walk out into traffic ... but alas I knew someone would and I would like to stay around here for a little while longer!

Bad injuries to happen, but at least there is lots of time to address the problem.
Our options are

  1. Give Coates or Aprile a shot, they know the Offence
  2. A trade at the Draft next week
  3. Draft one of Nic Demski, Lemar Durant or Addison Richards
  4. Pick up a suitable NI receiver from late training Camp Cuts from the other teams
  5. Bend over and kiss your butt goodbye! :wink:

Also have Butler at safety.

slimjim, you typed "I'm thinking" when I'm sure you meant "I'm dreaming."
And, I sadly point out that we had Getzlaf and we had Kohlert as well.