Watson traded to Edmonton

Lol we make a trade to get Watson from Winnipeg then turn around and trade Watson to Edmonton + a 2nd rd pick for a long snapper? I don't get it we get a Canadian receiver and even before training camp send him packing plus we give up a second round pick in 2016 for a long snapper?

Was Watson that bad in pre camp that they figured he wasn't worth keeping around? If that was the case why trade for him in the first place. Really shaking my head over this one. Why trade a receiver to Edmonton who may have been lacking in that department after Stamps moved on and to give up a 2nd rd pick to boot?

yeah, pretty pathetic seeing as the club already has a long snapper in Steinhauer and let another one walk as a FA (Rempel). He is also not even technically inked yet, but at least he is a SK guy and a very good long snapper. This should have been an even trade at best. I do wonder if there are visions of him double duty as a LB though.

What is fumy is that when you compound it the total Watson move cost TWO 2nd round picks for TWO 3rds, PLUS Bastein. OI

TAMAN: "Things in our business change by the minute it seems and we acquired Cory to have him on our team obviously but as things progressed throughout the off-season, [b]it didn't look like we were going to start more than two Canadian receivers so his salary was fairly high. If he wasn't going to start for us, that wasn't going to be a cap-friendly salary that I could take on.[/b] It wasn't planned that way but as it went on, like I say, I had to explore things and Ed Hervey came in and offered us a player that we'd wanted for quite some time."

TAMAN: “We wouldn’t have done this if Corey Chamblin and the coaches didn’t sign off on it and there’s a lot of give-and-take in everything we do. We had a lot of discussions. Cory’s a good player and he can start for most teams in this league but we’ve got two quality Canadians that we’re happy with and as fate has it, we’ll continue to go with those two.”


TAMAN: “I talked to him this morning and he’s over-the-moon happy because Saskatchewan’s a place he’s always wanted to play. We’ve been trying to get his rights for three years. We have some work to do there because he has representation but I think his focus and goal would be to get to Saskatoon on May 31. He’s available and we’ll visit with him as we go.”

“One of the things we wanted is to have two snappers on the team at all times so Levi Steinhauer is not going anywhere. In fact he’ll probably get a chance to play some defensive end and in order for that to happen, we weren’t going to have a roster spot for a back-up snapper. Now we’ve reversed it so maybe Jorgen can be the starting snapper and Levi as the back-up which is perfect for us. It really helps him develop on defense and it helps our roster make-up because if we didn’t do it that way, we’d have to take a Canadian off somewhere else.”

“He ain’t a back-up snapper. He’s one of the best ones you could see. We had a good one last year in Chad Rempel and this kid is younger and as good, if not better. He’s a talented kid. He’s athletic and is thrilled to be in Saskatchewan which is huge. If something were to happen with one of them, we’re covered. Coach Dyce is really excited to get him.”

This does however make me wonder if there is a draft pick trade in play here elsewhere. There is a pretty massive rumor that the Bombers want local product Demski in a bad way, but are unlikely to burn their number 2 pick on him. Could be something in the works to gain the 11th and 15th pick from them

J'ai eu beaucoup de difficulté à comprendre cette transaction. Je suppose que Watson n'a pas comblé les attentes lors du mini-camp ou que sa condition physique n'était pas à la hauteur des espérances.

Je trouve que c'est cher payé pour un spécialiste des longues remises, même s'il s'agit d'une position importante.

I never like trades involving draft picks where we pick up 3rd's for 2nd's..........

Watson..........easy come easy go. If he wasn't cap friendly and wasn't going to start then I see their logic. I also think this should have been a even trade without picks but but but???

Getting Jordan is a quiet way of shoring up ST. This kid has tried NFL for 3 yrs and was always close to making it. So guess what he is no slouch. The team needs 2-3 very good snappers..............remember what happened last year when Levi went down.............and Peters has signed NFL.

As for Rempel...............sure he's a great snapper but we pick up a kid at 24-25 versus Rempel's 37-38? That is a no brainer all day. Getting younger is always important.

Snappers are specialists and they can last a long long time. If we can get him under contract and into camp it could be a very quiet upgrade that is a huge benefit to the team on ST's.

Bastien..........we appear to be deep with 4-5 nationals. Younger guys like Bastien. But we need 1-2 of them to step up and show they can play and start pushing Getz out the the door (I mean that in a nice way as Getz is getting up there and we best enjoy his next 1-2 seasons cause that is likely it)........we need 1-2 of these young nationals to step in this year.

Bons points! :thup: :thup:

Je n'avais pas regardé les chose sous cet angle.

Watson is a top end talent IF healthy. After a conversation with someone the "impression" I was given was that after seeing him in workouts Chapdelaine basically said he would not be working him into the O's game plan...basically he didn't fit the new mold of the offense...lost a step and wasn't super fast to begin with, and in workouts it is unfortunately tough to showcase aggressive play and not as important with the new no contact rules, which is his strength, and there are worries he will not be the same player.

That basically handcuffs the need to move him. He was apparently not keen on negotiating down his contract so becomes SMS unfriendly for a reduced role, as the club has apparently decided they will mainly only start 2 National receivers, not 3. BT still got the short end of the stick in the trade, but hey, BT is not great at holding onto drafts. The pain is not as bad for trading down 1 draft, it is that they traded down 2 drafts plus AND a 3rd rounder entirely in Bastien for a guy who never even made camp...that hurts.

Hus is a top end Long snapper and a local guy, so that is great, but essentially losing 5 draft rounds for a long snapper who is unlikely to backfill at LB or anything is a hefty price. Hus was a 4th round pick (he maybe could have went late 3rd, but landed in 4), so the Riders essentially drafted a long snapper in round -1.

Totally agree...CFL success is built around NI draft. The Riders have been selling the future for here and now, and it is a tough spiral as they don't have a pile in the pipeline now. Look at Calgary and Hamilton...3 picks in the top 20...the Riders have 1. They also have more picks overall, and honestly, have been able to make better picks because they have retained their draft depth. The Bombers are basically on that page now as well, after lean years from a previous GM we all know.

Remps just turned 33, one of the best LSers around, and is in AMAZING shape, and the only reason he is not around now is because he is getting a pretty serious look in the NFL.

As for Bastein...no, the Riders do not have him (though they do have 2 really promising guys, which is why moving him at the time made sense). He was traded for Watson, where they also traded down and gave up a player. You put the Watson ordeal all together compounded and it is one of the worst compound trades of all time...unless something miraculous comes out of it today at draft still. I could see the Riders trading their 1st round for both of the Bombers 2nd rounders, because the Bombers want Demski in a massive way, but not at #2.

BT knows that he needs a home playoff game to ensure job security...that is going to be a tall order in the west this year. I felt the Bombers were potentially going to be #2 before FA season started, and they look a pile better now. Calgary will of course be a top end team, and the Esks should be as good or better than last season.

It is such a strong draft year...horrible spot for the Riders to be in as it stands right now.

I will add this on Getz as well…I was disappointing that they didn’t give Pierzchalski or Anthony more time when Getz was struggling/hurt last season. Sure, they may not have been ready, but give it a crack and be willing to be surprised. If one of them had stepped up then Getz could have been moved this off-season. I like Getz, and as a fan I want to see him retire a Rider, but he has a backloaded contract of 225k or whatever, and i believe the Orbs would have traded for him. Sholo + 2nd rounder (10th overall) + 3rd rounder in 2016 for Getz and a Rider 3rd in 0216,something like that. That gives a reasonable chance for one of Brett Boyko or another top OL draft and maybe Addison Richards in the 2nd round. Heck, Lemar Durant might go as late as 10th.

Yes the Riders have given up far too many top draft picks and not gotten the bang for the buck in what they traded for. This trend has to stop and real friggen soon or this teams future is not going to be bright. You can not consistently give up 1st or 2nd round picks on speculation. If you give up these top picks you better make damn sure what you are getting is a premium player that is definitely going to have a major impact now. To trade away that much potential like we did on Watson and then dump him says someone didn’t do their home work nearly well enough. That to me is inexcusable. You look at teams like Calgary and every year they seem to roll along even though they lose a player to FA or retiring it is just plug in the next guy and they don’t seem to miss a beat. That can be attributed to good drafting so when they lose one player it doesn’t hurt the team as much because they have another good young player waiting in the wings.

This is something we need to do far more and develop the young talent so we have a solid team for years to come instead of risking all of tomorrow for a chance at today. Sure it was understandable to take a shot when we hosted the cup and it certainly worked out however you can not continue on this path or certain disaster is in the future.

I hope management got a serious wake up call after this fluster cuck and realize the potential damage they could have done to the teams future development.

How bad would it be to have a brutal team when the new stadium opens and we can’t get enough fans to fill it? All that money spent and with poor attendance this team could once again find itself in financial trouble.
This team has seen lean times before and if they are not careful they could easily see them again and soon.

Time to smarten up and look at the bigger picture of what is good for the team not only now but also in the future. The very survival of the team could possibly depend on it.

Voilà des réflexions très inspirées. Je partage ces inquiétudes à voir la façon dont Taman travaille en fonction du court terme au détriment du long terme. Je crois que cette façon de faire va finir par nuire à cette équipe et qu’il y aura peut-être un passage à vide avant qu’elle ne redevienne une force de cette ligue. Il va falloir que Taman et ses adjoints au recrutement travaillent à amener la relève, les joueurs qui seront les partants 3 ou 4 ans après leur embauche. C’est ce que font les Stampeders et les Alouettes. Kristian Matte a été un premier choix des Alouettes au repêchage de 2010. Il n’est devenu partant qu’en 2014. S. J. Green a appris le métier pendant 2 ans avant de devenir partant en 2010. Bear Woods s’est joint aux Alouettes en fin 2011. Il n’est devenu partant que l’an dernier. Ed Hervey semble s’inspirer de cette façon de faire à Edmonton et il y construit une équipe qui s’améliore à chaque saison.

La LCF a besoin de bonnes équipes et il est bien que les Roughriders en fassent partie.

Again it's Taman talking too much. He doesn't have to give the details of why.

Now everyone in the world knows how the Riders plan to implement their ratio even before camp! None of anyone's fucking business but Taman's and Corey's!

Now everyone in the world knows how badly they want this long snapper kid. he just drove up the kid's own price!

It's just like when they fired Marshall and he comes out and says that Marshall wasn't his choice anyways, he wanted Chamblin. Total no-class move. Then he hires Chamblin and says that he wasn't the first choice, he was trying to hold out for Austin and lost out on him!

HORRIBLY unprofessional.

Smarten up, Taman and know when to keep your mouth shut. You don't HAVE to justify ANYTHING to ANYBODY. Just do your job. Win enough and keep your job. That's it.