Watson hurt on last play of practice

Coach Burke PO'd at back up Safety Dan West for injuring Cory Watson.
Question will be who will replace Watson in the lineup. Most likley Rory Kohlert who has had a decent game already this year. Both Etienne and kohlert have caught everything that has come there way Kohlert and Watson are about the same size and kohlert is a tough kid from what I saw last season could surprise the Argos with all the talk being about Etienne. Problem is this max protection scheme and the average everything QB there has not been a lot thrown there way.

The Bombers drafted a big TE from Saint Mary's this year he currently sits on their practice roster. He caught 14 passes last season at Saint Mary's which was a lot for that team last year. Does anyone have the inside scoop on him. You would think if going with a max protection scheme that there would be a FB/TE in the line up.
Right now they are going with Pointbriand who is I think a true blocking FB and has did very little receiveing for the bombers in two seasons and I don/t think any while he was at Laval.
you would think a US NCAA OC like Crowton would be able to make good use of a big 6'5" TE receiving threat

That's just whack! But it is an opportunity for someone to step up.

I think they are dumping the max protect idea and really when you give up 6 sacks to a team that had what, 1 sack in the prior 2 games, is it really working for you?

Losing Watson sucks but this is a good opportunity for a guy like Fitzgerald to take someone else's job or he plays himself back to the PR. Pontbriand isn't an offensive weapon in any way when you consider he gets 1 or 2 catches a year. He's here to block occasionally on offense and play special teams. Fitzgerald could play that same role but potentially has more to offer on offense. Kohlert's turned into a great find IMO and while he may not offer the same blocking ability as Watson he won't hurt the passing game much. They can use Pontbriand or Fitzgerald to help in the blocking situations. I'd like to see if they FitzG is used maybe in chip blocks or rubs and spun out in the flat or up the middle for short to intermediate routes, I think he could be really effective if used that way.

Poblah sighting in the news. Guess he's still not ready..... or endearing himself to coach Burke....

• Tim Burke’s frustration with Kito Poblah continues. I asked him about Poblah’s status on Wednesday, and Burke sounded less than impressed: “I don’t know. He kinda works at his pace.?

....Any update on Watsons injury??? Hopefully Poblah makes his way out of the infirmary sometime this year...This guy is looking like a continual case of the hurts and could be a prospect we expose in the draft...If you can't stay healthy in this game, you can be slowly shown the way to the exit.. :roll: Tough, but that's the nature of the beast known as football..I hope Watson can get back in the lineup soon....He will be missed..

Watson has a hamstring injury from what I read, out this game and maybe more depending on severity.

Poblah is beginning to sound like his attitude might be as damaged as he is physically. I'm hoping its not the case but at this point, if you're deciding on protecting him versus Watson, Etienne, or Kohlert in the expansion draft, the question is why? He hasn't realized his potential and that may be attractive, but his inability to stay on the field may scare off Ottawa in favour of someone else.

The problem with Poblah is not that he's injured too often but that he's useless when he's healthy. Whenever he gets another opportunity, he needs to raise his game dramatically to have any future with the Bombers. Don't know that he's capable of much more based on what he's shown the last two years.

Sounds like Watson's out for about a month. Simpson's going to be very busy tomorrow night.....

Hoo boy. Our NI starters are Etienne and Kohlert.

Bret Carter backing up :expressionless:

I wonder how Dan West is feeling these days.

Probably worse yesterday after Burke called him out than today after Burke apologized for it

Watson like Poblah can't seem to stay on the field for a full season. Would be interesting to see how good he could be if he played an entire season.

I would really like to see Fitzgerald in the game. I know they did not plan this week for him in use as a TE but i would hope there is would be a package of plays in the playbook for the use of a TE both blocking and Receiving. It would certainly help free up simpson and Ford and on the flip side I would bet that the Argos thinking Pointibrand in that spot would not be any kind of receiving threat. The only problem being that the Argos will not use any help for Denmark long as Pierce has not been able to make that connection since week one

When it was mentioned that Kohlert was the same size as Watson I kind of coughed, I didn’t think so, but sure enough he is. Then I thought, but he couldn’t block like Watson - but he did a pretty good job.
Is it time to move on from the always injured Poblah/Watson/ and even Edwards?
Etienne & Kolhert are showing they are ready to step in, and Pierce/Anderson have showed they are ready as well.
I love Watson, and I’m just frustrated right now, but I’m sick of these guys always being injured. :twisted:

Etienne and Kohlert have appeared to of officially arrived in the CFL. Sometimes we forget what a big step it is for a skill position player like a receiver coming from the CIS to the Pros. Eteinne was just 21/22 when he first signed with the BBs. Kophlert came a lot less touted coming out of University was just a rookie last season. Coming with less of a big name often times you get a hard playing guy like Kohlert which is probably why he did a pretty good job last night filling in for Watson both blocking and receiving. Last night with Watson out and for the next 2-4 weeks as well there will be more confidence and less panic with Kohlert filling in.