Watson Heading to Edmonton

I found this trade puzzling, but as an Eskimo fan we definitely seemed to get the better end of the deal.

Edmonton acquires Watson and 2016 Second Round Pick from SASK
SASK acquires Jorgen Hus (Long Snapper) and 2016 Third Round Pick from Edmonton

Is Watson a cancer in the locker room or something? Cause my impression is we got a steal of a deal unless he takes up too much cap space? I'm thinking that's why SASK got rid of him?


I think that Saskatchewan is in desperate need of a long-snapper. They had former Argo Chad Rempel finish last season with them but I have noticed that Rempel has since left and is trying to land NFL work again this off-season.

I dunno; I was surprised the Esks wanted another Canadian receiver, you've already got Coehoorn and Chambers, Paris Jackson, Anthony Barrett, Akeem Foster, and Devon Bailey. Don't see the logic in giving up something to get something you don't really need. . .

Taman at it again lol.

it certainly sets the Eskimos up to make a trade from strength.

The only way this makes sense is to use them all in packages, which is confusing and I don't see happening. Someone mentioned somewhere that Chambers was injured though? I haven't heard that from an official source though. Still, its plenty of depth, no sense scouting receivers anymore for the upcoming year, we are stacked. Perhaps a trade for an 0-linemen? Or moving up in the draft come draft day?

Yeah you got his big fat salary. What Jones intends to do with him is anyone's guess.

What does he make a year? It's not like he's elite but definitely above average.

As a Rider fan this trade doesn't make much sense to me. They gave up a 2nd round pick to get Watson, and then trade him and another 2nd, for a 3rd and a long snapper.

Why not just trade Watson for Hus straight up? I fail to see the purpose of trading down, I don't see Hus as being more valuable than Watson. Watson does reportedly carry a decent sized salary and he's had injury troubles, but still work the risk for the upside.

If they just wanted to dump salary, they should have just cut him, no sense in giving up that 2nd rounder.