Watson and Greaves extended

....Great to have these guys back in the fold for the forseeable future....Two ni's with lots of upside...Watson is solid and Greaves really came into his own half-way through last season....Bowman is 'rumoured to be a done deal as far as the fa's go...I can't see us losing anyone this year UNLESS the nfl comes knockin' AND that looks highly unlikely...Most of the players who are on the free agency list say they will/want to return to the Peg IF they don't get a serious offer from down south...We'll see :thup:

....rumours abound ...according to 'a' reliable source and Penton of the local media
Sears has signed and will be announced shortly, as well Bowman appears to be re-upped
Vega has been offered a contract in the nfl as well as one other (speculation Denmark) all others are most likely going to be re-signed
January and Palardy have been extended....
Special teams coach to be announced shortly

....Sears is confirmed as we try to re-up our fa's for 2013.... :thup:

I would expect Marcellus Bowman will be resigning shortly as on Jan 2nd he tweeted

"Marcellus R. Bowman ?@MRBoom38

Its been real Cleveland, Columbus and especially the hometown #Youngstown Ohio… Back to the 'Peg…"

Marcellus Bowman lives year round in Winnipeg. I think you're reading more into that tweet than is there although I do think he will re-sign.

Not entirely year as he does apparently head back home for a few months after the season but I know he does work as a personal trainer here for some of the offseason months. Ddespite that his offseason job is easily transferable elsewhere, it helps that he has some ties to the community here though in terms of keeping him in blue and gold.